The perfect ones!

Another 30 minutes to 5.30pm sebelom ku angkat kaki dengan ringan, melangkah keluar dari Menara Milenium, Pusat Bandar Damansara menuju ke...errr, Ikea? Cuci2 mate dulu before heading back home. Tentatively, I have these for the weekend. Perfect treatment for 50% disfunctional brain like me. Comfy bed + books + aircond + chocolates + juice + DVD (and it's Gilmore Girls!). Well, I might be late than others for the 6th Season (kan Dillot?), but nvm, better late than never. How I wish to be back in MMU, and definitely I'll be among the firsts to watching those sitcoms, series, movies, videos and bla bla bla....Sighhh~~ _ _ is just no good.....


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