Yuhuuuuu….It has been a while since my last entry. And there have been so many things going on since then. Besides the peak-ing audit compliance things, I've got few meronggeng events went on as well…As in Genting, Siti's Concert, Lancome make over, melepak-meronggeng-giler best bersame Kown, Miju, Nal, Amy, Lin, Adib and Kasuma. (The same people for meronggeng di Bagan Lalang, exactly a year ago!). Sighhh, this has made me missing my MMU days even more! Especially for a late night drinks in KLIA. (Saye takmo kerje, saye nak balek MMU macam dulu).

And to tell you the truth, my works have been super *^#%^! these days. Always wanting to resign, yet I'm still here in E.Y. (Masuk kali nih, dah kali ke-dua-juta nak berenti, tapi masih terus bekerje...). The workload & the working environment adalah sangat tak best. But the pay, hehehe, adalah best. So fikir panjang jugak kalau nak angkat kaki.

I was once told my cousin that I wanted to resign, because the work is dry and no fun at all. And she told me this, "Ala, Kak Shila pegik la buat fun kat ofis. Kalau dia orang tak jeles, dia orang mesti join kegilaan itu." I wish I could do that, tapi kalau tibe2 haku beronggeng dalam ofis, mau derang kata Shila nih buang tebiat. Nak masuk Tanjung Rambutan.

Other than that, I am busy preparing for the engagement day. Eh tak, to be truth my auntie is the one bz-ing with that. and my mama. I am busy doing some other people wedding arrangement. Hehehehe. Apetah saye nih, sendiri punya orang lain buat. But not to worry, my auntie is super tip top high class wedding planner. Hehehehe, tunggu dan lihat hantaran for Encik Mat Kown.

Err, Encik Kown, kalau saye nak hantaran saye bunge dip lily adekah boleh? (hihi, saye memang tak maluuuu). And one more, he'll be coming over, yes here in KL next week. and it's for good! Yeayyy!! Akan bertukar kerja di KL, di Phileo Damansara yang dua jengkal dari Bukit Damansara ini. Saye sangat amatlah suka. (provided he doesn't opt to work in Panasonic). Kalau tak, jauh la sikit di Shah Alam, but anyway, better still, he's in KL. ;-p


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