Keputusan tergempar!

Jangan pandang belakang...Jangan pandang belakang...I keep telling myself to jangan pandang belakang...Whatever decisions that I'll be making soon, just stick to it, be firm with it, and don't ever look back for the pasts. Maka jangan pandang belakang. Tahniah kepada saye.

Well, as everyone knows, I never to like audit, never, nada! I don't like everything about it and to date, I couldn't imagine how I was able to go through that one year. But what I can say about, I just feel that my one year old career is just empty. no fun. very dry. like nothing. I don't like people controlling my weekends, saying what I'm supposed to do and whatnot on my weekends! Weekends are supposed to be days that you're looking forward to, but to me it just a nightmare. I wonder how these people define the word LIFE and FUN. Don't these words suppose to mean something? Or maybe their means of LIFE and FUN is just totally different from mine. totally out.

For me fun and life is those precious moments that you spent with families and friends; dining, movies, shopping, lepak2, holidays, picnic or anything that could make you happy. Not to spent the late hours in office including weekends. How fun it is to dress like going for a picnic, yet it just about doing works in office on Sat and Sun. Fun kah? Helllooo?? That's not me. So not me. And plis don't drag me along ok? But anyway, I don't have any means to say that EY tak best, it just doesn't fit me very well. It's me myself that doesn't suit to the job. EY is offering great opportunities to people whose really into it, but apparently, it just no me. So, don't get me wrong.

Maka dengan itu, dengan tak pandang belakang, I've tendered my resignation in EY. YES!! Itulah yang saye tunggu2. The moment I handed over the letter to HR, rase macam jiwe merdeka habes. As for now, saye tak kisah kerja audit di EY, saye tak kisah my final paper for MICPA, saye tak kisah ape2. Saye hanye kisah untuk fikir apekah kerje yang saye suke nak buat dengan penuh rela hati, dan dedikasi, dan full of ownership.

Tak kisah la, whatever it is, saye dah tendered. Sooner or later (soon as in 8 June later as in 28 June) saye akan cau! Yes! Setelah membuat perkiraan, my unutilised leaves, claims on mileage, tolls and parkings, akan mampu menanggung hidup saye selame dua bulan lagi tanpa kerje. Hohohohoho~~ Cau sin ci.... (dan akan kembali ke TM untuk berkhidmat..) Or ada orang nak bagi saye kerje? Stiwedessss kerr? (boleh tak Kown?)


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