Thank You

As everyone knows (heh, or maybe not), I'm getting engage on this coming Sunday, 1st July 2007. My apology for not making any official announcement about the engagement thingy as yet (or ever). Not that I dind't want to, but I guess this is only a small ceremony that will be attended by families and close friends only (sighh, in my case, what defines a "close friends"). Huhuhuhu~~

And many sorries to everyone that is not getting any update on the news and for not be able to invite everyone okeh....And I am very sure that some might have said, "Tak KL laaaa....". Hihihihih...Saye memang tak KL, sebab tak ajak semua orang meriah2 di rumah dan paling tak ajak sekali kawan2 lelaki. Harap maaf yer. For certain things, I might be a little bit kampung....Hihihihi

And thanks a lotttt kepade semua yang telah menjayekan hubungan saye dan Enchek Kown (alhamdulillah....) especially those who was in Kuktem. Hihihi. Kepade semua yang saye tumpang bilik, tumpang katil, tumpang toilettries, tumpang segale2 nye (Norma, Aza, Ina, Jaja, Yanti, Zana dan semuanye), terime kaseh yang amat sangat yer. Nanti kami kawen, kami jemput naaaa....


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