I'm in dilemma

I'm dilemma. As the title goes, I have a problem in choosing between offers and options. But Dillot said, this is a pure genius thing! How genius the genius can be when I can't even think of which to opt for? Sighhh, sometimes I do feel that not having an option is a good option. Huhuhu....

Okeh, I am supposed to help Him with his new employment arrangement and somehowwww, this "Jom-Try-Put-Myself-On-Jobstreet" popped out on my mind. So, while helping Him for the offers, I did some self test on marketability on the Jobstreet. Hehehehe (Perasan sikit macam best) Tongue So, I registered myself as one of the candidate and start clicking on open job vacancies, which range from high end well know corporate organizations, multinational firms and to medium size companies.

And the result is, I got a few job interviews! And of it (Company I) hehehe, the chronology goes like this (yang ini betul2 accidentally tertekan "Apply" with no intention at all):

23 July Noon: I accidentally clicked the "Apply" button. And hey, what's the big deal anyway for accidentally clicking the button when I am not in position of actively seeking for job kan?

23 July Night: I saw the status of "New Application" has changed to "Under Consideration" and my resume has been viewed for four times. I felt so happy that night okeh, for having the feeling, "Ada jugak orang tengok resume haku..."

24 July Morning: I received a call, "Miss Yursila, I'm calling from Company XXX. Could you please come tomorrow, at 9am for a test?". So, I told Enchek Fiance for what I've been doing in silence, hahahhaahah. And he said, why not, just go and have a try. Hehehehe~~Suportive sungguh.

25 July Morning: I went to that Company and did the test. Owh dear, it was a one whole long IQ test which is all about numbers. And I told myself, that's it and my IQ is not that high. Hahaha. And the HR people said, "We will only call for the short listed candidates for the interview session. Will call you before 1pm today." Maka, I pun pegik la lunch dengan Enchek Kown di Kinrara.

25 July Noon: And while having my lunch, I received a call again. "Miss, could you please come back for the interview at 3?" And I was like, Wheeeee!! I'm a genius! (Okeh, self praise is no praise) Hehehe. I am among the short listed ones. My one accident click has turned to be an IQ test and then the interview.

So I went for it, and they said, "Will contact you in this few days if the managers want you to go for the second interview". Huh?? Is it that hard to get into this Multinational Company? Duhhh```

26 July Morning: Again another call, "Miss, could you please come today for the 2nd interview at 2?" Haku yang masih mamai tidok pun jawab je la yes. And the same answer I received then, "Will contact you soon. I'm sure it wouldn't be long". Bahiks, apa saje la korang ni....

27 July Morning: Masih lagi mamai tidok and I received my fourth called from them, "Miss, we would like to offer you a position in XXX as Business Analyst and bla bla bla bla...."

I dapat kerja just within 5 days? An accidental clicked one? Biar betol? Suke suki apply pon dapat? Sighhh~~ (I wonder TM nak release I sesedap hati je..) Which I think is definitely impossible setelah mereka menghabeskan dekat RM100k for the 5 years sponsored. And something that has made me teruja to received the offer because:

[1] Good pay of course!

[2] Good remuneration packages

[3] Near to my house and next to One Utama!

But the only one thing that I am not keen about is I have to start on 1st August which is mana boleyyyyy! Gwe nak duduk goyang kaki, beristirehat, cuci mate di shopping complex and cuti2 Mesia dulu laa..1 September okeh la.

Wanna know what company is it? IBM Malaysia. So what do you think? Options that I have now:

[A] Go for IBM so that I can sit for MICPA in November bersame Dillot dan Abang Rai (ahahaha, gelak jahat untok Dillot). But provided I can 'cau sin ci' at any time during the probation period (sebab kalau ada better offer or TM panggil boleh blah kan?)

[B] Just wait for the TM, but what if they are not offering me as good as what the IBM has?

[C] Buat bodo je for now, duduk je umah goyang kaki, lepak sampai bosan then only start looking for jobs? (Enchek Kown kan ada nak bagi nafkah) Hahahhaha. Gelak evil jap.

I have a feeling that my resume looks good. Hehehehe, perasan forever. Perasan of having the MICPA, Ernst&Young, MMU Cyberjaya & MRSM Jasin words to impress my potential employer. Hohohohohoo~~ Macam mana niiii..... (Dan Panasonic baru call suruh pegi interview juge....)


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