Kenot focus

For once, I hope that I can have more focus on buying things. Focus and be straight. And worst case, I could ended up buying more things than what I am supposed to buy in the first place. I can't resist the word BUY, huuuu and on top of that, I gonna start imagining things of what to do with the barang2 then or how the barang2 can help to make me happy.

For example, I don't need any new clothes for now (Duh, wardrobe dah tak muat & recently, palang tu patah pulak. Overloaded kot. Huhuhu), but still a step into Somerset Bay has then caused a step out with one paperbag on hand. How can u resist that 50% big label on shelves? Then mula la berangan, okels I don't need this, tapi kalau pakai ngan jeans smart, or maybe pario, or maybe the plain satin so it's wearable to kenduri and bla bla bla...Like that okels.

And today, on the way back from Damansara (after paying all the streamyx overdue bill, credit card and car loan), I decided to drop by Ikano as I need to go to Popular Bookshop. But I've told myself that it will only be a quick one, just to get this:

Yes, only and only a calculator. I've lost my scientific calculator (for the 10th times okeh), so I decided to get just the basic one. But thennnnn, the new release on shelves have made me go crazy and instead of having a quick stop, I've then spent about 2 hours in the bookshop and came back with this:

Duhhh, saye memang tak akan mungkin dapat focus dalam membeli. (and Enchek Kown, Canterburry is having a sale now! Your long awaited sale dah datang. Wanna go?)


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