Shopping Spree Again!


Owh gosh, I guess I am going nuts again. Crazy over shopping again. Why is there on earth such a word S.A.L.E? How can you resist on it? Okeh, I've been ignoring the sales happening in Malls, on the fact that I had enough on the last round. But welllll, how long can the NO-TO-SALE takes place kan? (and my business is doing pretty good too...Ehehe) Maka, bermula lah round kali ini pule...Kown is the one who started it first okeh. His Levis, Canterburry and Renoma treats have made myself to say, "Yes! Sessi kali ini telah bermule!" Ehehehe...Dan sambil2 membuat tawaf @ One Utama, I met the shopaholic Sisters, Iza & Hanis. Wink

Bahan2 yang dikumbah dari One Utama are all from the 50% shelves and knowing it, those that I grabbed yesterday are not the New Arrivals la ofkos. But anyway, I don't care, so long it's 50% (or more), looks good and in a good condition, gwe sebat aje. Tongue And finally had our dinner at Sushi Groove lepas kena tempias temptation from Hanis! Hihihi

(Second round will continue tomorrow with Dillot! Yeayy)

: : Zara takde paperbag tho for the New Arrivals. Burok la plastic bag tu, macam plastic sampah. Hohohoho : :

: : 40% - 50% outdated handbags. Ehehe : :

: : Baby Guess & Mothercare for Alya (Kown's Sister's Daughter) Saje nak sebut panjang2, pendekkan jadi niece je. Hihihi : :

: : He said, "One for me, one for Alia" Gedik okeh. Alia is his all time fav niece, bagusnye dapat Pak Ngah rock camnih. (Shila fits to the Guess Kid? Ehehe, suke!) : :


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