PENGUMUMAN (yang tak berape penting):

Order cupcakes telah ditutup untuk sementara waktu, ermm maybe sampai end of October. Sebabnye:

[1] Minggu depan saye dah kerje, so tatawu lah working condition macam mana lagi kan. And I need at least two weeks to have a say on that and that means after raya lah.

[2] Comes after raya, there will be an induction weeks for the new comers. 2 weeks. So basically, I would have to say that the bz-ness will take in one whole stretch of October.

Many sorries to those that have been calling me since err, past few days lah kot. I was away and I ter-left my other phone at home. Sile harap maaf lah yer.

Till here, I nak sambung berholidays dalam 4 hari yang masih ada ini before start working back. Hibernate period has come to its end. cry (Mode: Ber Pizza Tycoon)


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