The missing me

Oh gosh! How I missed my past 3 months! Those times that I could simply enjoy my days of bangun pagi sesedap hati - shopping almost hari2 - duduk goyang kaki bace buku cerite & etc.... Okels, I've reported myself to TM on 1st October 2007. I was deferring my employment with TM to 2009 but not till when I decided to surrender myself back in Menara Rebung, Bangsar. Audit is wayyyy tooo much for me but I'm not sure my life now on will be better or otherwise then. Pay is definitely not as good as what EY has to offer me, but in term of the word LIFE is or any means that the word takes, TM should has been better lah.

A lot of things happened for this past few days, work at the moment has been really hectic and therefore I haven't had much time to blog. But for those who normally read to my blog, silently visiting to here and some even wondering and asking where I've been missing, well I hope that you're glad I'm back now. Wink At least for a small moment.

And my pengakuan terbuka hari ini, attempting very much to please Enchek Kown (dengan harapan dia kagum dengan me): I haven't done any Hari Raya SHOPPING to date. Not any handbags, shoes, tudungs and whatnot. Naddaaaaa....

Okels, have to put myself to bed tho wanting so much to upload the pictures of the happenings for the last two weeks. My training for this 2 week is held in TM Exchange Bukit Maluri and from Auditor, I will now on "krabat" those tiang2 telefon TM and currently on the technical field works. (Hurmmm, where should I apply the cupcakes making skill then?)


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