Spiderweb in here

Sweep * Sweep * Sweep. Hissshhh, maybe I need the mop plus the Fabuloso as well. Or kain burok to wipe all the spiderwebs in here. Let me see, hurmmm, it been a while - almost 1 month to be exact - since I made my last entry. I could say entry kemarahan on that time. Tongue So many things happened since then but most importantly, I am happy to announce that I am now part of TM Berhad. Back to ke pangkal jalan, a place where I got all my sponsorship for a degree in MMU. That 100k now equal to 10 years of bond with TM. Shades Btw, sile gune Celcom 1+3. Hehhee. I am using it now, menjadi supplementary beyonce terchenta. Talk + SMS + 3G are free. I loikesss! (Owh, maybe extremely excited because of the new 3G phone given by him, rather than the free thingy. Hikhikhikhik).

I am not sure how to start a story here, but heyy, what a surprise to me that one of my managers knows my blog! Sigghhhh!! Abes sudah plan nak gossip2 over acting in here. He said, "Ahhh, I know you're kind of outgoing person. As what can be read from your blog. Shilaaa, hurmmm, Shila something something. I can't remember." Terus saket jantung haku di situ. Did I ever talk something bad about TM in here? Takder rasanya...Wink Owh yes Sir, it's ShilaShower.blogdrive anyway.

Okels, I think it would be better to end this entry with pictures. It speaks 1000 useful words rather than me crapping on unnecessary things right now.


: : Marche', The Curve : :

: : Sri Melaka, Amcorp Mall PJ : :

: : Bora Ombak, Ampang : :


: : OTW to Penang. We balek kampung together this year Wink : :

: : A Must Thing : :

: : Family Potrait : :

: : 2nd Raya after tahlil : :

: : 3rd Raya - Mama's burfday @ Penang Golf Club : :

: : Fav. niece : :

: : Fav. nephew : :

: : GrandUncle got bullied by his grandchildren : :

: : Little Rascals : :


: : The Adores - Amy's 24th Burfday : :

: : My TM Training Program - ex MRSM Jasin Shades : :

CUPCAKES BACK IN ACTION (but subject to limited no. of orders) Tongue


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