Owh gosh. Why do I have to do this one hell of thing? I completely hate having to do this but I think it's neccessary & better to cut and paste all my entries onto notepad. or words. Just to play it safe. I've been on blogdrive for over 2 and half years now but I've never been this worried about its stability before.

Sometimes I wonder, should I start looking for a better blogging place? Blogspot maybe? Anyway, I am just too lazy to set for a new layout if I were to move somewhere else. Hurmph

I have a longgg list of things to share with u guys here but at this very moment I don't see that I can do the write-cut-paste-to-words-edit-pictures-upload-to-photobucket things. Time constraint but am looking forward to scribble down my list of cerita2 indah for past few weeks.

Waitt aahhh..... (and catching up on great deals during this year end sale) and cerite kantoi besar-besaran on Enchek Kown. Hohohoho Shades


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