Honeymoon matter


I consider this as part of the wedding planning & preparations. Post-wedding actually. But still, it forks up certain amount of the budget. (Excluding any honeymoon packages that yet to be received from relatives and bestfwen. Dillot, did you hear me????) Tongue I have few in the list but the one that has always been on top of others, bold and in great highlight is Disneyland. Wanting to go to Disneyland so much.

And after considering all the significant factors for after marriage life, congak sana congak sini, analysing all the bank statements, counting for all possible return on investment, increment, sale of 2nd hand stuff (tho some are brand new), cupcakes bisnes growth, korek tabung pisang, airfare promotions and whatnot, I think we can only afford to go to Hong Kong Disneyland. Taking into consideration of the short time frame as well, like 6-7 days, HK Disneyland will be fine to me. That very short number of days won't be very much worth for us to go to Tokyo or Paris and whatmore for Anaheim.

The most high end that will be among the options pun is Gold Coast. But I wanted to go to some other country that I never been to. Aussie immigration stamp is nicely stamped on my passport, hence I would like to give a chance to other country to stamp onto my passport. Ehehehe.

Kown? He is always OK with all my decisions. HK ok. Bali ok. Gold Coast ok. Karambunai pun ok. Langkawi pun he ok kan ajer. In whatever things that I do he always with this statement, "Ha OK ja, boleh, tak kisah..." Okels, that's making my life easy in deciding on things. KECUALI buying Coach. Tongue Currently, I am actively browsing through the HK Disneyland website. Syok giler je haku nak berangan. Ehehehe. And comparing airfare between Malaysia Airlines & Singapore Airlines. SIA is cheaper then.

Some said, "pegi la Bali..." Not that I takmo pegi Bali, but why is everyone going to Bali for honeymoon? Better off Karambunai dari me going to Bali. Ehehee. That my opinion lah. Smile


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