Ada Apa Dengan Coach?

Coach Tiada Maknanya

Let me share you something. An incident that has happened last Saturday. We, as in Kown, Nal, Amy and Me, were out for a dinner but with no specific place to head for. So I came out with this idea, "Jom kite makan sedap2. And lepak2 like anak Bill Gates like we did in Penang? Muahahaha." Gooooddd, my idea disambut baik. Hihihi. So, I whispered to Kown the place and leaved the other love birds in blur.

So, after going through all the bad traffics (Jalan Ampang, so u know) and took all the cilok here cilok there, we were there. Press the lift button, took the ride up to the highest level of the building and daaa, we finally there.

We were welcomed by 2 waiters with 2 widest smiles (maybe takdak orang and it was just us. Four of us). So, I told them that I've called the place before and they said, no reservation is needed. And I requested to seat outside; having a dinner with a spectacular view of KL will be great. Waiter said, "Okels, please wait and you'll be seated shortly."

After waiting for about 2 minutes, tibe-tibe...........

The supervisor came to us and said, "Sorry bang, sini tak boleh pakai slippers nor sandals. Jeans is fine but not slippers and sandals" Haaaaaa??? We looked down and too bad, none of us pon pakai kasut. Trying to defend ourselves, I said, "I called here before and none of you guys mentioned that. And I even mentioned that I'm not coming for any formal thing but to lepak." And the supervisor, "Akak cakap dengan siapa?" And me?? How should I knowwww??? I didn't even bother to ask in the first place pon. So malas2 to argue, I asked them to just balik and lepak other place.

Otw back, Kown said, "See?? Coach is just nothing. In that very place, Bata's full covered shoes is thousand times worth more than your Coach. Pakai Coach besaq meja hatta selipar Jimmy Choo pon, tetap tak leh masok makan."

Sighhh...Nal dan Amy hanya blurrr. Like they always do.

And the place is, 39 Restaurant, Level 39, PNB Darby Park. Harap maklom.


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