Some might have said, "Shila is overly excited about this." Huhuhu, I am not that overly excited about this nor terkinja-kinja like mad of getting married, but hellooooo?? I've been waiting for 6 years 6 months for this moment to come and it's now about time. Shouldn't I be happy about it? or at least a little *clap *clap *clap to myself for being so loyal and patience all through our long distance relationship (just recently he pindah KL for good, hihih). Everything it takes for the wedding need to be taken care properly, especially the post wedding, otherwise you'll koyak your own pocket and it takes ages to repair.

And the reasons for me making all these "Wedding" entries are to share the joy with everyone else, to get more ideas and opinions from others and of course to have a great piece of memory of each step that I've taken to officially be Mrs.Kown. Kadang2 berangan, if ada rezeki suatu hari menjadi HotMama, nak tukar blog la. But to think it twice and more, tak payah lah. Let this blog be my official blog until Allah knows when. Like so cool okels, first entry is all about "Makan-Pizza-Bersame-Klasmates-MRSMJasin" to the current entry of "BF tips" or "What to cook for Hubby malam ini?" or "Buying a house" or "How to juggle btw hubby, kids, career and house chores". Huhuhuhuh, haku terlalu banyak berangan. Tongue

Okels enuff of that and let's dish out the costs. Money money money. (Cume sedikit tak puas hati with Him, wanna know why?) See this:

How much does it costs in KL? (To cater for 1500 guests)
[1]Catering - Foods, bridal foods, tables, VIP tables, chairs, canopies, scallop and 2 colors underlayer for bridal canopy, high table setting, backdrop, chandelier, fans & atc. :
Pelamin, flowers arch, flowers stands, stairs deco, room deco, hand bouquet (all fresh flowers) :
Bridal make-up (for both nikah and reception) : RM1,000
[4]Wedding outfits (tailored made, hihihi, for both of us, nikah and reception) : RM5,000
[5]Bunga telur, bunga pahar and other goodies: RM2,500
[6]Invitation card (heck, that so expensive, cokia gaban pon sehengget. and both my parents takmo yang kecik, nanti tulisan tak nampak. huhuh) : RM1,800
[7]Photography (okels, I am bit fussy on this. sangat sangat.) : RM3,500
[8]Entertainment (as in the PA system and live music. Mama planning to have the gamelan and Din Beramboi. Hoh?? Nak bantah ker? Aihhh...) :
Miscellaneous (which I don't know what yet, just put aside some money) : RM2,000

See all??? Boleh muflis okels. And that shows a definite NO to me buying new handbag for this year. A NO NO NO. (grumpy sikit). And Him?

How much does it costs in Alor Setar? (To cater for 1500 guests)
[1]Catering as mentioned above : Only RM5 per head!! so total of
Pelamin and other deco as mentioned above :
Wedding outfits PLUS make-up:
Photography: RM900
[5]Bunga pahar, bunga telur or anything u can have at Padang Besar : RM1,000

Daaaaaaaaaaaaa???? Kenape saya seorang warga KL? Huhuhu. KL adalah serba mahal. Serba me-miskin-kan. Sighhh~~


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