I am not genius (",)

Sometimes I wonder, why can't I think of something genius or something brilliant to write in here? Ermm, like something that has got nothing to do with me but nadaaa, I can't. I do wish to be like one who can do informative write-ups but erkk, that is just not my skill. All I can throw in here is the whole lot of cerita tak berilmiah seorang ShilaShower, which has pretty much to do with the love ones, handbags, shopping, dining, collectible items and bla bla bla. Hehehehe...except that I got MICPA Module C & D, was an ex auditor of E&Y and currently a 10years-bound-staff-of-TelekomMalaysiaKuSayang. Other than that, all are things tak berilmu that I have wrote in here. Should you think you are not belong to this, sile lah jangan baca. Don't give more eyes sores to yourself, hihihi and more rubbish to your head. Tongue


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