Okels, credit to CUCI. Talking about ImpianKu (which is Cuci's theme song) and Fairil's favourite quote, now I would like to share one my "ImpianKu". Something that has been there deeppp inside my heart for long and still, am not sure when it can be realised. I always want to study abroad. Reason being? Hurm, not really sure of it but most probably I would want to experience something different from what we have here. Or maybe the fact that I love to travel?

This is not a recently created ImpianKu. As far as I could remember, since I was in primary school & I've always said that someday I will do it. Study abroad. Do you guys remember our old Subang airport? Spending my evening there watching the planes landed was a routine to me. So, I was once told myself (dalam hati je la), someday I will go on board to further my studies abroad. And it is still my ImpianKu. Always~~

And I've got the offer from JPA to pursue my degree in Korea (lepas SPM tu kan) which sadly, my dad tak agree. So, sebagai anak yang sungguh obedient, I have then followed the say and later get myself bonded to TM. And spent my 5 wonderful years in Multimedia University. Dalam hati berkata, "takper, masih ada Master, Ph.D., 2nd degree maybe?". Then again, I tried my luck with MICPA and alhamdulillah, I've passed them all and leaving me now with the final module that is yet to be completed (tapi takde hati nak amik.) Tongue

So, somewhere in October 2007, I came out with this idea to continue Master rather than to complete my MICPA. Hehehe. And I know, Kown will always be supporting me in everything I do. Immediately after I told him the thing, the next day he drove me to MABECS and get done with the arrangement. (Dia kutip abes prospectus UK programmes tuh). And between, he suggested me to apply for the Skim Tenaga Pengajar Muda UITM and yes, I did. (But Eyzzah told me that it's a bit hard to get through. Huhuhu.) But still, I believe and I have faith in myself. And Kown was the one who gets me the uni. application forms, enrolled me for the IELTS test and he was the one jugak yang pi submit my completed forms to MABECS. *Thanks Enchek Kown Big Smile I heart you!

Basically, I'm going through a long journey in order achieve my dream. Tho everything is far from my grasp, but I believe someday I'll do. But nowwwww, my problem is, who will be sponsoring me? Huwaaaaa!!! *Crying *May Allah answer my pray... ImpianKu tetap ada & tak akan vanish.

UPDATE:-Two of the unis that I applied for have replied me, saying something that application is in process and in consideration and bla bla bla. That is enough to my relief for now. Hehehe. At least they considered rather than saying, "...we regret to inform you that we're unable...bla bla bla" and there goes my form to trash. Dangg!!

And I've just received a call from UITM asking me to go for the interview + mock teaching on the 30th Jan. Whoooaaa!! Macam mana nih? I am now stuck in TM and I am now blur with my career path. Everything now is glary and getting blurry. Sighhh~~Patut kah I go and give a try to it and hanya jika dapat, then only I start thinking of how to release myself from TM. But to pay TM RM80k is wayyyy beyond my ability. I just can't afford that much of debt. Arghhhh, dilema ImpianKu. cry


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