Tick-tock says the clock

Okels, I've been busy for the past few days. Haven't got a right time to blog and not even now. (Sedang mengecilkan diri di depan monitor, gaya sorok2, supaye bos tak notice. Hihihihi).

Aaaargh! I have issues. Weight issues! And things get worst when I got flu. Everything is just a disaster. I will crave for everything that ever came into my mind. And last Sunday, it happened again. Kown has just left my house for about 10 minutes and probably he was about to reach LDP before I gave him a call and, "Nak chocolateeeeeeee!!! Now now now!! Cadburry, crunchie, milo ice, apa2 chocolate. Fridge is empty." *aaaaacccchhhhoooommmm!! *and bersin like gile tak hengat.

15 minutes later, he was right in front of my house with this:

: : That so sweet of you. Macam delivery McDonald pulak. Hihihihi : : Tongue

Nothing much happened last week. Just a slept over at Wan's place. And that night remind me so much about the uni days. Huuuu~~~Nak balek MMU like dulu. Final year. Epsilon. Genius days. Hihihi.

And I've got mail~! One of the para goes like, "We are please to say that you have bla bla bla bla..." I felt like jumping up high setinggi langit malam 3.a.m. But I can't. Not till I got the scholar. Or maybe chosen by any bigshot to generously donate me RM180k for that matter. *Kepala pusing...

and cupcakes lagi. Maybe I shall write in the scholarship application form that "menjual-cupcakes" as one of ways/proves to support my living expenses over 'there'. Tongue


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