It's show timeeee!! Ok. Saturday nite party. It's a sabrina + abg fahim + mak teh's belated birthday bash plus pak teh & mak teh's 30th anniversary. Wonder what the theme? "Swinging 60's in Bali". Basically I have to wear anything 60's and the Bali thing is because party will be held at Bora Asmara. But help! I am running out of time. I have to think of what to wear and unfortunately, the event is less than 36 hours from now.

I'm not sure what my parents, cousins, aunties & uncles will be wearing for tomorrow, but I am pretty sure that Kown is already up with his costume. Everyone is busy talking about P.Ramlee, Saloma, Austin Power, Elvis, Marilyn, A-go-go kind of things, but Kown's idea is surely wayyy out from the others. Nothing fancy, nothing trendy as in 1960s time but easy enough to prepare for the stuff.

Nak tau? Nak tau? Mahmud June as in the Nasib Do Re Mi. Yang dia pi night club and then got chased by the wife. Black pants + kain pelikat sampai lutut + tshirt pagoda + blazer + songkok + tali pinggang hijau. The big tali pinggang hijau like the tok mudim one tuh. And plus a school exercise book, with sexy ladies pictures pasted inside.

Me?? Nak pakai apeee niii....


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