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Weeeehoooo. He's back in town. *Tho it's for only a short while.

With a few days available, I have to ensure that we spend our quality time together. We had a shopping-mall-marathon yesterday! KLCC-Pavilion-One Utama and not to forget, The Gardens on the day before. It was a wedding shoes hunting activity. Sadly said, I didn't find one. So as you know, the "less than 2 inches-goldy-pump" is hardly available. We walked in the rain, crossing from one mall to another in the Bukit Bintang area, under his umbrella.

We talked for hours about everything...about nothing on into the next morning (with the help of Celcom Family Plan, everything is free between us). Hehehehe... We went to breakfast and he took me home. Later that day he called me. He called me the next day and the next and the next. He then left for two weeks to Alor Setar, Penang and Ipoh.

Ahhhh, I get carried away so easily thinking of you. And I will always think of you, fondly, rapturously, because of the special person you were, and are, to me... *errrr, apa hadiah sebeday saye yer Mat Kown? Hihihi

: : We've been friends since 1989. And she's now mommy-to-be : :

: : Eksaited menghabeskan RM >:P : :

: : All I need was the refill, but again, I ended up buying more than the need : :

: : Exchanged my JJ cash vouchers with these : :

: : Bukhara, KLCC : :

: : Thanks Kown. Ermmm, save the best for 16 April yer. Hihihi *Memang tak malu pun... : :

: : Ahhh, talk to my hand! : :

: : So suwittt. Ganas2 makan stroberi waffle. *meeeooowwww : :


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