Kisah kawen saya

Hehheeh...terima kaseh daun keladi my dearie readers yang begitu concern dengan blog owner ini, yang sungguh clumsy skarang. And Kown kata, "cemekap" (bahasa Kedah la kot). Careless lah bahasa mudahnya.

Back to the cerita kehilangan dokumen nikah itu, I have decided to act cool. I told myself, "take a deep breath, be cool and be relax, otherwise thing will just add to more stress out than ever before." Forget about all the raksaksa gorgon, mess that I created in searching of the documents, crying all night for 2 weeks! and bla bla bla. For once, again, please think and please use the brain. The one that I self claimed genies itew. Muahahahaha.

Ting! *An idea that just popped out into my head.

Why should I think that hard? Why should I drive myself crazy over this? Why should I put myself into bad state of depression? Bodow nih tau~~

*Minom karamel makiato 3 gelas, baru dapat ilham.

I told my boss, "En.Azrin, saya nak keluar pi Pejabat Agama dekat Masjid Negara tu sat gi boleh?". He nodded. Okeh. So I went to JAWI, told them that I've lost my fiance's dokumentasi nikah, gave them the report (which I self crapped surat itew) and the akuan sumpah (which again my self created "bahasanya saya bersumpah bla bla bla) and explained to that Ustaz that I need the replacement for that Sijil Kursus Kawen as I need to re-do the application all over again.

In less than an hour, I was not only getting the replacement cert but also all the documentation that I need! JAWI bagi dia orang punya original copy and they filed in the photocopy ones sahajo. Alallalalalala, ustaz ensem, I lebiuuu and I heart you for making my life so wonderful that day.

In conclusion, we don't have to re-do everything all over again and all I need to do now is to proceed with mine. Alhamdulillah, selamat hidup den dari dicekik Raksaksa Gorgon. Ustaz ensem, I heart you!

Sekian sahaja, kisah kawen ShilaShower yang confirm akan ku ingat sampai mati~~ (Insyaallah kalau tak ada apa2 memory loss through the ageing process) Hihihihihi. =)


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