Another draft buried amongst my entries...It's actually a tagging game entitled "Superpower". Owh Along darling, it's a one hard game for me okels. Hard as I have to think and crack my head of whose my long life Superhero.

To tell you the truth, I'm not a kipas susah mati to the list of superman-heroes-smallville-naruto-xmen and everything that goes in line with the former ones. Thus, after headbanging my head to the wall *exegarate a bit!* to think for the best answer to your game, I finally came up with this.

*I'm telling you the truth, only the truth and nothing but the thruth. Hahahhaa. With the best pictures of my superhero!

It goes like:-

Apa superpower idaman anda? Sila pilih satu!
Tada!!! Mohd Fakhruddin Md Noor also known as Kown in his famous world. Dia kata, sapeeeee tak kenal Mat Kown kat Kuktem iteww?? Or sapeee tak kenal Mat Kown di MRSM Langkawi dulu?? *Sebagai tande kasih sayang, I layankan je Him. =P

Siapa superhero atau watak yang mempengaruhi pilihan itu?
Kown. IC 830413-02-XXXX, born in Kedah, been to 4 secondary schools back then *pasal terlalu superhero, especially the time in Sek Sains Pokok Sena. I shall not elaborate further about it but he did have great influence in many ways of my life.

Kenapa atau untuk apa superpower itu yang anda pilih?
Because he's always there to save me from drowning in the sea of unresolve issues. Or he always come to rescue me whenever I was about to "terjun lombong" kerna stress.

Because he's the one with "telinga kalis bebelan" for whatever thing that I said. You know there will be time when you really need to throw out everything that you have in mind/heart without anyone to judge or counter back what you have said. And for that, he's always there for me.

*Or should I say because he's the one who splurged me with Coaches? Hohohohoho.

Kenapa atau untuk apa superpower itu yang anda pilih?
As the above mentioned. It will be a never ending list if I were to tell you everything to bit. =)

Kelemahan superpower anda? Wajib ada!
Jealous? Hahahahhaah *saye tak tipu. But we survived in the 6 years long distance relationship. And I can't wait for another 54days for him to be solely mine. Hikssss~~~ I shall not reveal more. Kelemahan adalah untuk pengetahuan saya seorang. Nanti orang tau, tak jadi superhero dah dia. Hehehehehehe....

Nama anda sebagai hero?
Once ShilaShower, always ShilaShower. *Okels, I know that it didn't sound like a good one, more like kedai hardware je. Hihihihih

Motto anda sebagai superhero?
ShilaShower. *will save you with the taste of Coke perisa diesel. I didn't tell a crap. This is a true story. Ask Dillot for more! Hohohohohoho~~

Sebarkan tag ini kepada 10 rakan yang lain. Kalau tak mampu, 5 pun ok.
Owh, this is hard jugek. Because I'm not sure if the person I tag even read my blog. Hihihi. Tapi tag je lah jugek kan?
1. Auditslave.
2. Ms. King Okels, maybe tak perlu kot. Coz I know that you're totally bz with your wedding & the honeymoon! But feel free to do should you have an ample time.
3. TheCoffeeAddict
4. Kakak YusVogue
5. Kakak Okinokiyo
6. Super mommy-to-be Erni
7. The one I drool over her dining hall yang dramatik itew. Cik Puan Muda
8. I knew I saw you @KLCC Isetan, somewhere around 11-12pm. Bcoz I recognised your 3 heroes. KS. 19091978. Masuk Dior yer kakak? Hihihihi =)
9. The one with whole lot collection of Kebaya Nyonya. Annasujie
10. Eyzzah


Susah betul la soalan2 Along ni.

: : So Along? Ok tak jawapan2 tulus ikhlas I? : :

: : Satisfied setelah berjaya menyelamatkan ShilaShower : :

: : Do you like my new hairdo? : :

: : Coming baybeeee!! Hold on! : :

: : So what? Ini Mat Kown okeyh : :


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