Pretty Red Devil

Well, saye dengan rendah diri nak buat pengakuan berani mati kepada....

Ke hadapan En.Kown-my-soon-to-be-husband-in-50days-from-now....

Well, I don't know how to start this. And I don't know how to put this into words and how to make it nice for you to read. Most importantly, I don't want to explode a bomb which might hurt your eyes for what you will read and will see in this entry.

*Owh well, pengakuan berani mati starts like this....

I made a trip to One Utama yesterday and so as you know, it was for mencari-hadiah-kawen-Ms.King. And the hunting started from the old wing to the new one, went into every shops that I thought it might lead to a perfect wedding gift.

Until I came into this one particular shop, with a big huge writing on the banner, and it can clearly be seen through the clear glass panels, "Absolute Bargain!". Owh dear girls, takkan taknak masok kan? And it's Forever21! But I told myself, "Okels, just a quick one, nothing to buy, just go in, have a look and cau sin ci."

I thought the self reminder would work but everything goes pause when my eyes catched this pretty thing hanging on the rack. This is totally my absolute bargain!

So dear darling, I've bought this Red Wool Outwear Jacket for a great price slashed and it was the last piece available in its color and the size fits me well. I love it so much! *I was trying to tell you last night while we were chit-chatting on the phone, but I didn't have that much courage to do so.

*Hari Jumaat tak bleh marah2.....One little shopping treat won't hurt kan? =P


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