Good Morning Sunshine~!

Subject: Mohd Fakhruddin Md Noor

Current health condition: High fever, bad cough + sore throat and flu. *A complete package that entitles him a 2 days MC. No, 3 days since Monday. We were having fun last weekend before he started to show the sign of getting sick on Sunday night. Is that a post-symptom of say-no-to-rokok? *Okels, he stops smoking. All sudden, one shot. Badan terkejut kot?

Owh no~! Don't finger point to me. I'm not the one forcing him to stop smoking, tho I really hope for him to do...maybe sometime in the future. Hihihihi. But he has finally decided to do so last week on his birthday. Dear, its your call and the decision is yours. *Tapi sampai demam2, aihhh kasihan darling I ni.

Kown's yesterday's diary: Night. Drove all the way from Kinrara - Petaling Street - Kepong - Kinrara which I guess, sum up to nearly 150km or more. *Above note refers, he is currently sick.

Apa kena mengena with above details??? Hengat ni Diari Akademi Fantasia 2 ke? Ingat Zahid ke?? *Kwang kwang kwang. Dulu masa zaman AF2, I merasa la jugek macam kuar ngan Zahid. Seriously tak tipu, memang orang kejar pandang2, siap ada yang jerit Zahiddd!! kat tengah2 Berjaya Times Square itew. Hampeh..No self created story here, it's all true.


Location: Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur

My phone rang. *The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain. So itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again~! Okels, that's my ringtone. Let's sing along. Hope this won't be kind of annoying song that will suddenly pop-out from your head. =P

Kown: Dok kat mana? Dah tidok ka? Turun bawah sat, kat luaq.
Shila: What?? You're outside?? Malam2 buta ni?? Jangan nak buat lawak. It's late dear.
Kown: Turun la sat.
Shila: Ok, but don't prank me with hantu bungkus ke hantu kong-kong ke hapeeeee tawuuuu.

Guess what?

: : Midnight surprise. The one who melts my heart... : :

: : Excuse for the entry baju tidok yang tak style. Hihihi : :

: : My 25 roses for my 25th birthday : :

I know and always know that I'm choosing the right man to be my significant other half. Thank you and I heart you.
I am so readddyyyy to be Mrs. Kown~~!

Last but not least, thank you mama and I have no exact word nor enough lines to thank you and to say how greatful I am to have you as my mommy. 25 years back, I know that you were in a great pain delivering me to this whole wide world and for all these years, you're always by side through the ups and downs. I love you mama.

*Hugsss*. Kown, I'll hug you in next 38 days okeh. Hehehehe~~


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