She is now Mrs.Adam

My friend got married last Friday and the reception was held on Saturday at Sime Darby Convention Centre.

Dear Ms. King Mrs.Adam,

I wish both of you a wonderful marriage with sweet joys in every day to come...and from this day onwards, enjoy your new life filled with mutual caring and understanding...
Wish everlasting happiness to you both,

I was on MC last two days. With fever and flu and the high dose of medication, bed is the best place that I want to be. Huhuhu, I don't think I can afford to be really ill at the moment and I need something to boost my immune system. Vitamin C? What brand?

Owh please let me be in a good health without any critical flu until my wedding day. No, until my honeymoon. =P

: : We can't hardly wait! : :

: : MMU's geeky nerdies, hihihi : :

: : Sneak preview. Ini hanya cebisan dari perbagai jenis goodies yang ade. hihihi : :

: : Cupcakes ordered all the way from Korea *but to the love ones in Msia lah* : :


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