What to pack nih?

It's very near now to our departure date for honeymoon (a month is close kan?) so that I can start doing the planning, packing, budgeting and stuff. So, as you know, I don't have much time to do the packing 2 weeks prior the departure date and we'll be off to 'sanaaa' one day after groom's reception. I'm not great at preparing for trips upfront. This is proved by the real fact that I tend to bring the whole lot of stuff even for a one night thing. Hurmmm....Maybe I should start packing early, at least to give sometimes for "bawak-tak-bawak-bawak-jerlah"....

Okay, it's 6:00pm now. Did I go and pack my stuff? No. Nada. Nil. Basically I didn't get anything done. Eyh nope, actually I did sent my tax forms online. At least that was much easier than doing the thinking of what to pack in my luggage.

Owh well, let's put aside the issue ape-nak-pack-for-the-honeymoon. Happy viewing the pictures attached. Hari-hari-bila-Shila-dienjoykan!
: : The ones being celebrated : :

: : Honeycomb Gold Rush : :

: : Cute kan the cards? : :

: : Sorry dear, this one is solely mine. Hihihi : :

: : Abang Berger's tepi jalan lagi sodap. Lokasi, Wendy's : :

: : Sunway Lagoon : :

: : Madam Kwan's : :

: : April Babies : :

: : Thanks a whole bunch! : :


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