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I'm counting the days...so as you know, there's only few hours left and soon there will be Mrs.Kown. *Insyaallah...And walking down the lane, the love ones, families and friends been asking me this 24/7 favorite question, "Brapa lama dah dok kawan neh?" "Macam mana kenai? Blajaq sama kaa?? Kerja sama kaa??"

Hihihihi...none of the guessing answers get hit just right. Reason being, there is no fairytale nor "owh so suwittt nya Kown" type of story on how we met. Well, we've been together for 7 years before I finally decided that he's the man of mylife *and don't be surprise that along the way, we pernah broke-off jugek. Hohohoho.

So, just to share a story here maybe I shall start with.....

Once a upon a time, in a kingdom of far far away, there lives a couple...okeh forget about it.

We met in Kuala Pilah Matriculation College *early 2001 and he was one of my practicummate. But I barely knew him and I didn't even know his full name at all, so what more to talk. So basically, we never talked, we never worked together and I never bothered his existance *and he was hardly to be seen in class. mungkin tidok di bilik kot. And to make him just a complete stranger to me, I was
there in KMNS for only less than 3 weeks. *Kerna telah cau-sin-ci to MMU terchenta.

As time passed.....

Three months later......8th July 2001

He gave me a phonecall that night but it was such a hardtry for me to recognise him. Anyway, we did some chit-chatting over the phone, trying to recall and to figure out him but the conversation came to pause and a total silent when he said, "Shila, Kown nak Shila jadi gefren Kown..."

I was speechless, confused, shocked, blurred and the feelings were mixed up together. But till today, I don't know what on earth that I was thinking that time when I finally said yes in less than 5 minutes of thinking. *Mungkin sebagai geeky nerdy with braces and thousand zits on face, having a boyfriend is the best thing I could ever dream of. So I got a stranger as my boyfriend that time. +P

But to him, his "try & error method" has turned into "try-and-no-error" thing.

To me, Kown is a simple guy that I ever met. Easy said, sempoi dan selambe ayam jek. For all the 7 years, surat chenta gwe hanya sekeping *yang cuma punya a few baris ayat. And don't be surprise if you see that surat chenta yang satu be frame and hang to the wall, bile kami punya rumah. Hihihihi. He didn't splurge me with fancy things back then *lately ni jer... and I hardly received that sweet little gifts that a boyfriend normally gives to a girlfriend. *so that makes it clear why I still keep the pembungkus gule-gule Kopiko that he first gave me. =P

And deting paling hampeh yang saya pernah ada was when he wears a DIFFERENT PAIR of sandal to Megamall Kuantan~! Tapi muka maintain hensemmm like that wrong pair is just a hot-hot-hit fashion.

And Mat Kown will always be Mat Kown. Straight to the point type of man. I didn't received any fancy wedding proposals from him and all was done in a gerai air kelapa susu, di petang sepoi-sepoi bahasa, underneath pokok kelapak, Kulim Kedah Darul Aman...with a ring on hand he said, "Shila jom kawen". So that was it, as easy as one two three. *But we went for dinner at PGH when I gave him the yes answer. Katanya, rugi blanja awai2 kalau tibe2 dapat jawapan NO. Hampeh~~

I see him and things between us are well. Now, in less than 2 days we will be partners. Partners for life.

Sekian terime kaseh. Itu saje cerita penglipur lara yang dipersembahkan khas oleh ShilaShower. *Sebagai penutup tirai, saksikan gambar2 di bawah. And I have a competition for you to enter as well. Hihihihihi...

: : Si dia yang mencuri hati saya dulu. Hihihihi : :

: : First deting kami~! : :

: : Si dia zaman skolah. *Tu tandanya haku pandai transfer isi berlebihan, hihi : :

: : Adik castello chenta hati gwe : :

: : Seprais pertama dari dia. Hanya selepas 5 tahun berkawan : :

: : Engagement Day : :


Pertanding terbuka kepada semua pembaca blog ini. Syaratnya cuma dua, warga SM Sains Pokok Sena tak boleh teka *Well, definitely you know which one lah and penyertaan cuma sekali. Sapa teka dengan tepat dan terpantas, nanti dapat hadiah. Tapi belom pikir nak bagi apa, tapi adelah. *Tapi kalau laki yang menang and haku bagi lipstick, jangan marah naaaaa. Hihihihihi~~~


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