Honeymoon - Part 1

Owh, yes~! Saya bersiaran secara langsong dari atas katil Melbourne. Local time now is 9:05pm, which differs by 2 hours from Malaysia. With the cold weather of 10 degrees celcius out there, hiding myself under a comfy duvet is best thing I can do. *Now I know why it is called honeymoon. Hahahahahhaa* Manisnya sampai ke bulan. =P

1st Day (3rd June 2008):-
We touched down in Melbourne at 5 minutes passed 8pm, Aussie time. It was a boring 8 hours flight, onboard meals were so and so *MAS anyway* and with few turbulences up there, I just couldn't put myself to sleep. Kown? Happily snoozing after a dosage of 24hours Clarinase.

2nd Day (4th June 2008):-
I'm glad that we are here just at a right time when the SALE word can be found easily, everywhere. MYER is having its stocktake sale that has made my darling go crazy on Ralph Lauren, Nautica and Tommy lines. Readers, don't be surprise to see his picture carrying a whole lot of paperbags as compared to me. Soon. *He's here with only a pair of jeans and 4 shirts. That's all.* Hohoho, he has better plan for the shopping spree comparing to me who brings practically everything in my closet. Tak pandai nya saya.

Anyways, need a nap since my entire body is sore from incredible amounts of walking today. Will continue update from to time to time. Stay tuned~! *Saya blogger sejati. Hihihii*

: : Clarinase Mode - Drowsy : :

: : Comel tak? Hihihi : :
: : 2+1 bagasi are mine. Tumpang in one of those bags are his pair of jeans & 4 shirts. Hohoho : :

: : Mode tangkap sendiri. Will go buy the tripod tomorrow : :

: : Flagstaff Garden : :

: : Berdua lebih baik. =) : :

: : Cuci mata dolu. Save the best for last. Hehehe : :

: : Two love birds ;) : :

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