Wedding - Part 3

Yuhuuuu, kembali lagi bersiaran bersama ShilaShower.

Errr, referring to the above mentioned title: Wedding - Part 3, I think I shall not elaborate further on the event in particular, kerna cerita sungguh dramatik dan sadis. *Thank God for giving me this gifted and talented and my self created creativity in becoming mak-andam-terjun. For myself. *Adekah such word; mak-andam-terjun?? Will put the facts in a very short note. Easy reading yeahh.

[1] The appointed wedding planner didn't show a little sign of awareness on the upcoming event in Kedah. *Terkebil-kebil flip buku log booking cari wedding mana satu. Last2, haku cari sendiri dalam buku booking tu. Only to know the kelembapan in two weeks before the reception in Kedah~!

[2] Like I said before, my baby blue wedding dress was nowhere to be seen at that point of time. Helooo?? Gile hapeee?? Stresss haku tawuuu.

[3] Super outdated wedding planner wanna see me to dress up in that ancient dress with ruffles everywhere and the gone case tudung ardini. *Streessss somemoreee.....

[4] On the wedding day itself:- Suruh hakuuu datang makeup at 7AM sesudah subuh. Haros la hakuuu tamawuuu. So, he booked me for 10AM slot, tapi di kala haku datang kedai mak andam itu, ada 3 lagi pengantin berator untuk di make-up and dia kata, "tunggu yerrr, lagi 2 jam". Kepala hoooo***. Giler stress okeh.

[5] He did a handbouquet jugek. Tapi roses ada less than 10. I think I dah kena blood pressure this time.

There are more in the list but let's end it here. Karang saket jantong sumer ramai2. Enough with the saket jewa stuff that the wedding planner prepared me, I've decided to do everything on my own.

Baju kawen tak dek?? Nak kawen lagi 2 minggu weeyyy~~! *Haku gi DIOS, buat je baru. Tapi have to bear in mind, quality tak sama dengan Cik Amin lah ofkos.

Handbouquet cam hampeh?? *Haku dah bawak bunga spare beli kat Petaling Street. Bawak gi Kedah, buat sendiri. Naseb ShilaShower yang genies buat backup plan.

Makeup berator panjang berjela? Gile hape? *Haku menyampah, maka balek hotel dan tunggang sumer barang makeup atas katil, aku makeup muka sendiri. Well, burok tapi puas hati, dari melayan mak andam gile kuasa tamak, tapi kastemer tak tentu hala.

Kown? Hanya mampu pasrah. Dia pon hangin jugek. Tapi again, saya sebagai bini yang cool telah pegi buat baju kawen sendiri, baju melayu, tanjak, bengkung, buat handbouquet sendiri and makeup je muke sendiri. Abes cerite.

Last but not least, I have a few tips on hands that to be passed down and shared with everyone who reads my blog. *Especially to the brides-to-be. =) Originally the tips were written by Syakira, passed down to Raje, handed over to Azlynn *sadly she rejected the list, hihihih and emailed me this Wedding 101 - Warning! A very long email ahead.

I'll just repeat the same hit point on things that you should remember/should do/ before and during your wedding with few additional notes based on my personal experience okels.

Hint: (Read sparingly and if it is too overwhelming, just print it out and read when you have a clear mind)

[1] Make sure you have a proper meal before akad & reception. Kalau tak lapar pon, try to force yourself to eat something filling, sebab pengantin would be the ones yg makan paling sikit skalik. One, everyone would want to take a picture(s) with you, and then you have to walk around and salam all the guests and of course, in order to maintain the permaisuri sehari look, you wouldn't wanna risk looking otherwise by diving yourself in the wedding dishes of nasi minyak do you? Some make up artist will allow you to eat finger food while the make up session take place, but even then, it is still a lot of hassle and creates a slight discomfort for both you and the make up artist. And you don't wanna have crumbs stuck in between you teeth either... ;)

[2] Have everything (baju, tiaras, accessories, shoes, perfume, floss,toiletries etc.) within your visible range and easy access. For example,don't keep your selendang/ veil in the almari, eventhough you know it's there and it's a matter of opening the closet door to get it. Everything that's needed for your use, have it laid on the bed/floor (shoes particularly) or on the dressing table. This will definitely come in handy,during critical times, (like when the nikah/reception is about the start, and everyone in the bilik pengantin is rushing to get you ready kinda moment). Jangan tiru macam saya~!

[3] Handphone too should be kept within close range, but I guess this goes without saying. ;) and chew some breath mints during the make up session,its good practice. Group your stuff and place it in a proper box with cover and label it accordingly. Like, "Akad", "Reception KL" "Reception Kedah" and etc.

[4] This one relates to the nikah ceremony. First,try to confirm earlier with the jurunikah/tok kadi whether the bride should join the nikah ceremony and has to listen to whatever the imam has to say. Different states may have diff. procedures kot? Some imam or certain tempat kat Malaysia nieh, the bride is not required to do so, if that's the case you can just duduk in the room and wait for the entire ceremony to finish. If you are required to join, make sure you inform your mom/whoever is in charge to allocate a tempat for you to duduk during the nikah i.e. have a bantal besar or something so that the guess tak crowd sampai u takder tempat nak duduk. Don't assume that based on ceremony you've seen before, the same thing applies, coz lain imam/kadi lain kerenah. :)

[5] On nikah too, have your IC ready with you. Ask someone to pegang it for you i.e. bridesmaid or whoever that is joining the ceremony. *But don't bring your entire wallet pulak! Just your IC. Some places, they need to check your IC, so if that happens, at least tak kelam kabut nak geledah handbag sumer. The same thing applies to Him. Ask him to sediakan his IC siap2. Kalau susah nak simpan in his poket baju melayu, ask someone from his rombongan to pegangkan. And yes, not in wallet please. Remember, during nikah, everyone especially the groom sgtlah nervous, so any elements that can trigger gelabah should be eliminated. Pen, however, takyah sediakan, coz the kadi sure ada punyer.

[6] Hantarans. Make sure there's also a place to place your hantaran and his hantaran as well. Suggestion would be for the bride's hantarans to the groom diletakkan siap2 in the main hall coz it will eliminate one part of kalut2 and that requires a lot coordination and extra instructions to be given.

[7] Discuss with you parents and prepare two sets of itenary, one for the nikah and one for the reception. Itenary doesn't have to be time specific,what's important is the sequence of events, especially for nikah. i.e: Ketibaan rombongan pengantin lelaki, Ketibaan tok kadi/imam, Upacara nikah, Salam2 parents and elders session, Giving of the mas kahwin session followed by sarung cincin session, Sesi bergambar bersama keluarga pengantin lelaki, keluarga pengantin perempuan and etc and jamuan makan.

[8] Oh yeah! Kalau ader tepung tawar or suap gula or any other similar events, try to get the list of ppl yg nak buat bender2 tue ready. Saper renjis dulu, followed by who. Saper suap gula dulu, and who's next. That way, you can estimate the amount of time it will take. And if you need to limit it a certain number of ppl, you can plan to do so.

[9] Parking for the rombongan. If possible, try to allocate some parking space for rombongan lelaki for the nikah and particularly for the reception. Especially when it comes to housing area, parking adalah limited.

[10] Find out if he has to perform the solat nikah after the akad. If he does, sediakan siap2 the sejadah in the bilik pengantin, facing the kiblat. *Takde terkebil-kebil laki tu karang.

[11] This one is for the pengapit. For the nikah, as mentioned, pegangkan your IC, have some tissues ready (in case you cry during the nikah, tapi kalau boleh, tahanlah girl, kesian make up you nanti, penat2 the make up artist make it look nice only to have it washed away by tears) and handphone (silenced of course). Some hair/safety pins would be good too, and some breath mints, if deemed necessary. And panadol juger. (a small clutch bag would be good for your pengapit).

[12] This relates to things after the nikah. *Ehem ehem* I dunno what's your family planning plan with him. But, if necessary, have some contraceptives ready. You may never know if you need it. *Not in my case lah, hanya nasihat untuk di luar sana. ehehhehhee.

[13] Ok, another thing to pre-empt. After the whole wedding process is over (both sides), usually a lot of family friends, relatives will ajak you to their house or your parents/ in-laws would want you to visit some people. This my dear can sometimes be taxing. Imagine, you are already tired from the wedding and what-not, and you are in the process of adjusting to married life, and bam, you have this obligation to attend to. Just bear with it dear, jgn stress, just go, but you don't have to stay for too long. Just go, tunjuk muka, have a quick bite and then mintak diri. But don't stress out ;) Beathe in, breathe out. *Satu Alor Setar and Gurun saya melawat kawasan. YB akan sambong melawat after hanimun. Hehehhehee.

P/S:- Thanks Sya, dan Raje, dan Dillot untuk tips gile genies ini.

Saye haros mengundur diri. Bagasi2 haros di pack and kurang dari 6 jam, gwe bakalin berlepas ke Melbourne untuk hanimunn....Yeayyyy~~!! *Oooppsssieeee, muke evil Kown dah menjelma. Takotttttttt. Gambar di bawah untuk tatapan semua, but again sile abaikan quality gambar yang tak seberapa ini okels. =)


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