Honeymoon - Part 4

Well, it's quite a long honeymoon journal ya? and I'm trying to cut it short and precise while keeping the helpful notes to those who's currently having Melbourne in plan. Or maybe after reading these whole long entries, you guys might be interested to plan for one. Kuikuikuikuikui.

So, let's continue with the shoppingmoon honeymoon story....

6th Day (8th June 2008)

It was a 5th day there in Melbourne and we decided not to go anywhere but to stay in bed, under the comfy duvet, gossiping and berangan about our future. At 9am in the morning, with the foggy vision outside the windows and breakfast prepared by bini yang comel and served in bed, everything is just so relax and calm. Hihihihihi.

But 10 minutes past 12pm, I became so bored and all shown on TV were about Australian Football League. This cannot be the case for my entire Sunday thus with a blink of eyes, flipping my hair and some rubbing on his back *muka mengada, I ajak him to Queen Victoria Market. Kwang kwang kwang. How can the husband say no to this amat gedik wifey kan? >:)

We had to get up fast in order to catch the market as Queen Victoria Market opens only on certain days with different opening hours. Close on Mon & Wed, open till 2pm on Tues & Thurs, 3pm on Sat, 4pm on Sun and 6pm on Friday. Pening kan?

QVM is a right place to go if you were to search for souvenirs to bring home. But what fancy me most about this market is it has basically everything in here. Yeah you name it, from vegetables to pets, all can be found in here. And it took us nearly 3 hours to tawaf this whole huge QVM. What most important is the cheap price and great bargain that we can get in here as compared to malls.
And you know what? My shopping preference has now changed from clothes and handbags to kitchenwares. I know I'm such a weirdo. My overwheight luggages were all filled up by the kitchenwares that we bought in Melbie. See the word we? Kown pun suka beli pinggan mangkok okeh. Hohohohoho. And I'm currently developing a new hobby named cooking. Well, we don't have our own place called home as yet but I know someday, we will. By then my kitchen will be fully equipped by everything that we may need. Cooking utensils, cutleries, cooking pans, kettle, kitchen electrical stuff *seriously kinda great wedding gifts that we received, fridge pon dapat! whatsmore with breakfast-lunch-tea-dinner wares. Hihihihihi....

Sorry not much pics captured in QVM because we both were having a blast shopping through the endless stores. Hihihihi.

: : Keta pegi pasar kami. Kuikuikuikui : :

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