Honeymoon - Part 5

7th Day (9th June 2008)

We had planned to go somewhere out of town and I was thinking of visiting Ballarat the old cowboy town. But as we woke up pretty late, I think we need a Plan B for today's matter. Flipping through pages of tourist guide booklets and maps, we finally made a decision to drive down to Mornington Peninsular.

So basically Mornington was not in the plan at all but as I cancelled the Ballarat trip for that day, we decided to go to a place with a lesser kms to drive on. The day is shorter in winter thus it is not that worth to drive hundreds kms away when in the end left us with only 2-3 hours to spend before dusk.

Mornington is a place that has mix of beautiful beaches and peaceful coastal towns and to get to Mornington is not that difficult, especially if you used the Nepean Highway. And again, we were lost at few places along the way to Mornington; well the mistake of taking wrong turnings. =P But at least we had a chance to stop and get camwhored like nobody business. Hihihihi

Note to hubby: Thank you kerna sporting bergamba gedik selame di Melben bersame bini mu ini. Malam nanti I buat milo tabor okels. =)

: : Sesat lagi. Amik gambar lagi : :

: : Another cows herding land : :

: : Tong-tong wine : :

: : Lavender and lemon tree : :

: : Cute kan post box neh? : :


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