Honeymoon - Part 6

8th Day (10th June 2008)

We had to return the car to Budget today but no worries on becoming car-less. Because we can easily walk around Melbourne city centre without transport and I would advise this as you definitely see more. You may discover many other wonderful spots especially those boutiques with beautiful and cute shopfronts. Worst case, we can always use the efficient tram service and it usually runs till 12.30am to most places in Melbourne.

But our time in Melbourne is winding down. What will you do with only two days left in Melbourne, Australia? So much to see and so little time. And s
ince we had walked an insane amount of walk already, which I think should have shed few kgs away from me, I decided to take the free City Circle tram for our last sightseeing in town.

: : Tell me how to say NO to this? : :

: : Jom la bangggggg : :

: : Checking on the stainless-steel cutleries. See?? Kown lagi beria beli sudu garpu senduk bagai okels. : :


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