Honeymoon - Part 8

10th Day (12th June 2008)

Dear readers, finally comes the second final part of my honeymoon story. I was a bit sad when we had to start packing and was hoping that we could just stay there a little bit longer. I don't know why, but most probably because I was not ready yet to be back at work. And surely, this is the holidays that I will remember most as this is my first time going abroad with Kown, my significant other half. Perhaps we can come again, next time with our little one(s) together. :)

My all praise to Allah for giving this opportunity and chance to visit another foreign as I know that not everyone is fortunate to be blessed with this rezeki. Exception if you are born filthy rich and have endless amount of money to spend.

Many thanks to each and everyone of you who had spent your precious time reading my honeymoon entries. Hihihihi. I really hope that you guys have a good read in here and may the entries and pictures become handy to those in need or currently planning on Melbourne trip.


: : Many thanks to my David Beckown the photographer : :

: : Our one last walk in Melbourne : :


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