Honeymoon - Part 9

Some facts about our honeymoon:-

[1] Apartment: Stayed at Breakfree Heritage Apartment on Little Bourke. Strategically located very next door to Myer and a very short walk to practically everything in town. Tram stops, Little China town, my lightsaber bank HSBC, halal Indonesian restaurants, supermarket, Melbourne Central and etc.

[2] Flight: MAS. Well, I'm a loyal Enrich member. Ehehehe. We bought the tickets during MAS Travel Fair somewhere in February, drove ourselves to KLIA at 4am in the morning just to get the tickets priced at RM2850 each (includes taxes and airport fees).

[3] Airport transfer: We took Skybus Super Shuttle from airport - town - airport and the service is available every 15 minutes during the day. It tooks only 20 minutes from airport to city (same goes otherwise) and we bought the return tickets at AUD$26 each (one way is AUD$16).

[4] Time zone: Melbourne is 2 hours ahead from Kuala Lumpur.

[5] Car rental: Rent a car from Budget.com. We made the reservation online in order to get the "Rent 3 days, get 1 day free" promotion. All we need to do is to choose the nearest Budget office in town for us to pick up the car and yup, credit card is needed in order to secure and guarantee the reservation. But if you plan to pay the rental by cash, just let them know upfront so that they won't charge your credit card upon pick up. It costs us around AUD$250 for that 4 days rental and fuel cost is approximately AUD$1.52 per litre.

[6] Maps and directions: We planned our trip and get the map printed from www.whereis.com.au. It gives us a total complete directions with map and how long (in km and minute) that we need to drive through before our next turning or next road signage. That was very helpful and I can safely say that 95% of directions given were all correct. Well, please don't expect the same to happen in KL. Even a roundabout can be gone in just one night. Hohohohoho.

[7] Tripod is a one wonderful human created thing in this world while enjoying your days in Melbourne. Or any other parts on earth. You may want to opt for self-created-picture-taking-skills, but provided you have a sporting & thick face company with you to enjoy doing all the poses, like nobody business. Hehehehehe.

[8] Last but not least, the long awaited entry of our overweight baggages. We had 30kilos overweight bags in hand merely glasswares in every bags. Correlle lah, takkan nak check in, kang hancor berderai abes duhettt sumer....So we decided to hand carry the bags despite that we know the allowable allowance for handcarry bag per person is only 10KG!

So, what did we do with that extra 30kilos stuff??

We unpacked the stuff and decided to check in those that were not considered fragile. Still, it only came to 5kilos and left us with remaining 25kilos overweight bags. So, we paid for the 5kilos overweight bag at Qantas Cargo counter.

First tip: Don't show the check-in lady that you have another FOUR small bags that already overweight by 25kilos. Otherwise they will insist you to death to place your bags onto the weighting scale and thus, you have no other choice but to check-in everything. And pay the excess baggage fee.

Second tip: Just carry the bags as if all were light and easy. Don't show that "damn this bag is hell heavy" on your face.

Third tip: Ensure that each 4 bags are equal in weight which we packed to around 6-7 kilos each. Brownie points, use the environmental friendly bag that can be bought from Victoria Market with superlarge Australia word printed on it. And yes with that hopping kangaroo too. *Pura2 la weyyy macam ko chenta Aussie.

Forth tip: At least we have passed the check-in counter and then came the first point of immigration gate where the immigration guy will weight every of your hand carry bags. Gotch ya! We have no way out. Kown already with that 10kilos Deuter bag on his back and I had that small pink trolley bag also in the same weight. The problem now is the other 4 small bags that had extremely overwieght thus no excuse for that.

So I started to put my super-giler-kesian face on, to make the guy pity with me while Kown has made himself like so diffffiiiculllttt to understand English, said that we were there for honeymoon and those are glasswares that really need to be hand carry, said that we have no money to check in for those stuff plus all other 1001 excuses that we created, the immigration guy finally let us in! Yeayyyy!! But he said, "Make it fast, don't show your bag is heavy otherwise other passenger might want to have the same treatment." Hehehehe, yes Sir, we were already on with the Oscar face of that owh-so-ringan-nya-beg-ini.

Last but not least, another obstacle point that I prayed hard for us to get through was the immigration scanning machine. I was so scared that the lady will pop-out with the questions, "Don't this glassware weighting more than 10kilos?? How did you passed the front gate then?" Owh thank god, she didn't came with such questions.

So we made it through, alhamdulillah. Owh yes, forgot to mention that excess baggage fee is AUD$20 for every kg. Imagine if we were to pay that 25 kgs??!! That probably sum up to AUD$500 or RM1500!!! Phewww selamat kami....

Last tip, from the beginning of packing the stuff until the last immigration check point, we had a non stop doa especially that doa-nabi-yunus-dalam-perut-ikan-nun. When I’m in the trouble and had problem I will read this doa, "LAA ILA HA ILLA ANTA SUBHANAKA INNI KUNTU MINAZ DZALIMIIN" (Surah Anbiya’).


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