My new addition

My newly found interest. Below are pictures of things that berjaya mencurik hati ku di Melbourne. Reason to the success of my nasik ayam in last few weeks. Hihihihi. *Abang, I need dapur yang chantek2 dan barang2 best macam Jamie Oliver, baru boleh masak. Hihihihi. Tapi I'm not as pengotor as that Jamie okels.

: : Macam Msia ni tak cukop sendok la kan. : :

: : Of everything, I think this one is the most 'worth-buying' item. 84 pieces lagi. And this whole box itself dah 2.5kilos. Huhuhu : :

: : I saw mangkoks2 ini dekat Garden and each costs around 50++ and more. But we bought it for only AUD$5 each! RM15 youuu. : :

: : Baking stuff in pink. Hihihihi : :

: : Tea set. Ofkos beli pasai design cupcakes itew : :

: : Another worth buying stuff. Puas hati sudah skarang. : :


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