Our Hantaran

I think I'm getting slower in doing things from what I was before...At first I thought it was because of my workload that awaiting me in office but no, I don't think so. And I woke up later than my usual 6.30am today. Darling, sorry I didn't prepare your milo+toast with Nutella spread today. Owh yes, he has his breakfast in bed everyday. I repeat, everyday. But without me. Sebab saya pegi kerja pukul 7.30am,while Kown kerja suka hati cek bedah nak masok ofis pukul brapa. Dikala gwe sebok2 tempek bedak, calit lipstik bagai, dia bergolek-golek indah ke kayangan under that comfy duvet. Menci tawuu, jeles.

Due to that overwhelming request nak tengok gambar hantaran, I share jugek lah. ;)


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