Announcing the arrival of.... cupcakes blog~!

All this while I was maitaining only fotopages, a place where I published all my cupcakes projects. Somehow rather, I found that fotopages is not that 'kicking' as it used to be before. And I think people nowdays are more into blog, where they love to hop over numbers of blogs everyday.

And me myself foresee that blogspot is a more powerful, informative and interactive marketing tool rather than that old plain fotopages. Furthermore, I could also earn extra money by placing an advert banner on the sidebar. *So, two blogs generate better income lah kan? Nuffnang earning is now ready to be cashed out, but I am accumulating the amount until it hits RM200. Baru best nak berfoya-foya. Anyone here who has done it before?

So anyway, without further due *wahh macam aku bagi speech pulek, I would like to announce my new cupcakes blog, where all the cupcakes update will be made in here from now on till God knows when. :)

Alhamdulillah, baby business is growing healthily with number of orders received everyweek. *Pukol 12 malam pon ada you. Hihihihi. Like other homebased cupcakes business, I have a few promotion ideas currently in mind. Maybe soon, maybe later, I will announce about it to public. *Puasa pun dah dekat kan? Gigigigigigi... So, do visit ShilasCupcakes frequently, who knows there will be fantastic price slash? or cupcakes to be given away for FREE? Stay tune~~

Owh, did I mentioned that I have just subscribed to Photobucket Pro, giving my first try for the first 3 months at $USD9. *Gune saje HSBC account, menyampah dah tgk that stupid "Exceed Bandwith" limit that keep popping out every now and then.

I'm a seasoned blogger and I have used my Photobucket account since my first day of blogging. To me, maintaining only one account to upload and store all your photos is much easy than to create multiple accounts in order to abstain your account from hitting the bandwith limit.

And as the number of readers grow and Photobucket started to meter the traffic bandwith *which heck, it's only 25GB per month, my blog's bandwith started to hit the limit in just second week of the month. And I believed some of you might have seen this before on my page. *Nampaknya, ramai neh yang referring to my blog and clicking on the photos yaa?? :P

Too lazy to scout for other free services with unmetered traffic bandwith, there goes my $USD9. Hehehehe. Takper, immaterial expenses. Hihihi...

Last but not least, entry wajib bergambar. Cupcakes baked over the weekend. :)


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