How to Choose a Hospital...

for Delivery?

I need an opinion(s) here.

I have never been a patient in a hospital before and I have absolutely no idea on what to expect in choosing a hospital for delivery.

All I know is to consider the distance between my home and the hospital (because I don't want to forsee myself giving birth in a car~!), the breastfreeding friendly hospital, the costs that we have to bear, but I believe the list should not just end here.

It should be more. But what else?

I had my first check-up in Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar and reason being; the hospital is located nearby my workplace, where I spend my time most. *Well, on second thought, I may want to re-consider another hospital then.

My gynae is a Malay lady, a very soft-spoken doctor named Dr.Idora. But we only met once so it is pretty hard for me to tell more about her. And my next check up is due a week after raya when my little precious one hits the 12 weeks gestational period. I wonder how he/she might looks like? I believe no longer a tiny little dot la kan?

Or maybe I can list down my points here and with the little info will help you in providing your opinion (well, a personal experience is very much useful than just reading the materials on the net/book). I need more info than just a common ones available on the net, which your real life experience of giving birth in specific hospital will help me to make my decision. :)

[1] I opt to keep my pregnancy record at only one hospital. Ok kah? Besides the compulsory check-up in Klinik Kesihatan Kerajaan with that Kad Merah.

[2] We are budgeting the delivery costs by taking into consideration of worst case that might happen, i.e. C-Sec. TM will only be covering up to RM4k (for C-Sec, which heck, what a very small amount for that) and the remainder will be paid by Suami-Ku-Sayang. What if we budget for RM10k (meaning we have to fork up the RM6k while TM is paying for the RM4k), is that sufficient? For a single room. Or is that such a waste of money? Confuseee~~

[3] I'm staying in Kepong, KL. I know that Hospital Selayang is just a short distance from home, but from the stories that I heard & saw before, including my collegue and cousin who had this open stitches from the C-Sec delivery (ke gam terbukak? Can you imagine the doctor re-opened the stiches hidop2 tanpa biuss?? Menggelupur nak mati okeh kakak tu kata~!), and another friend who had some tear that still not healed even after 7 days, has made me to put a big NO NO to Hospital Selayang. Am I too choosy? Bluerrghhh. I could not help it.

[4] I need my husband to be with me during the delivery, so I need to know which hospital that allows this policy. Which I think most of the private hospitals la kot?

[5] This last question is not related to choosing hospital for delivery but more to monthly check-up. What do I need to expect in every monthly check-up? Scan? Vitamins? What sort of advice that I should seek to hear from the gynea?

Your opinion is very much appreciated here. I'm a first time mommy who has no idea in choosing the hospital for delivery. I wonder if camera/video is welcome in the delivery room? Or mother is allowed to keep the baby in her room if I choose to do so? Or which hospital that offers classes such as infant care or breastfeeding?

When I asked my mommy, all she can said is, "Damansara Specialist. Senang. Dekat rumah."

Tho my first choice here is Pantai Medical Center, but I think I still need to know more. Having a second thought of it brings no harm at all kan? At least worth the amount that we need to pay then. :) *Kown kata, it's all about the Starbucks and Baskin Robbins that Pantai has to offer me. Gagagaggagaga~~ Don't you think it's cool to lepak with your newborn in Starbucks? Gagagagagag somemore~! I saw this one lady that day, holding her newborn baby and lepak2 watching movie with the glass of hot chocolate aside. In Starbucks, Pantai. Tak cool ke weyy??

*yes, for once you are allowed to whack my head with keyboard. or whatever thing that u feel suit for a bang on my head.

Many Thanks and Regards,


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