Plan Ber-Chow-Kit di Malam Sabtu

Hubby dearie and calling for cousins: Suraya, Abg Arif, errr tu je la kot yang ada kat muka bumi Mesia neh?

I received this email from Kak Nadiah and there's a 'slight' change in the Saturday Iftar Plan. And the email goes as below:


Dear All,

Assalamualaikum and greetings wonderful peops.

Reference is made to the above.

Firstly, thank you to all that have volunteered to not only come but also bring yummy grub to fill the growling tummies.


After careful thought and much deliberation...and after talking to the kids/youths/guys themselves... I've come to the opinion and decision that doing a berbuka this Sat may not be the best of plans. You see, despite the fact that the initial request came from them, Raya is also just around the corner...

For most folks in Chow Kit, this also means a time to buckle up and try to make the best out of the sales during the Ramadhan and Raya bazaar season. Since the scheduled berbuka do is also very close to Eid itself, it would be a pity for them to forfit a good night's worth of salary/earnings for a get-together with us.

Essentially, the kids and I have decided that perhaps doing a Raya do this year would be a better bet. The youths you've met last year have grown quite a bit... now most are enroute to being young men...therefore, like us.. although the follies of youth still remain, the realisation that bigger responsibilities are now to be shouldered are beginning to sink in :).

Nevertheless, I still do plan to visit them in Chow Kit this Saturday insyaAllah. If they can't come for the food.. The food can come to them :). I know this may be a bit unconventional but here's a challenge :)...

For those still available on Saturday night (perhaps lepas terawikh), I invite you to come join me for an evening trip to Chow Kit. Carol, we can still pack the KFC and bring it to their bazaars. My suggestion here is... lepas terawikh (or when it is convenient for you..) meet us in Chow Kit and let's help share the Ramadhan and festive cheer. I plan to do my usual ronda kotaraya and perhaps even help them sell that extra bunga api 'pop' or purse.. or whatever else they may have instore (minus CD haram of course). Let's see those sales and marketing skills... Plus it's for a good cause!

I know this may not be something comfortable for everyone... so for those up for the challenge.. let's go!. For those who are unable to make it.. no worries.. Let's get together during Eid insyaAllah.

Till then,
Do let me know if you can make it.


So, this mommy here is all ready to have her midnight KFC snack plate, in Chow Kit Road while trying all the skills that she has in selling Bunga Api, or Mercun "Pop", but hopefully I don't end up in police lock-up lah. *Anda didapati bersalah menjual mercun Puan~!

Seperti Malam Sabtu ini adalah sesuatu yang menarik dalam sejarah Malam Ramadan saya kan?
*Dan siapa Youth Pod ini? Mereka yang less fortunate than us, grow up to be street kids, tough and full of conflict. Sila bersyukur dengan semua nikmat yang kita ada. :)


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