Story that I am itching to tell

Bun Cupcake in the oven~!
*Suke lah kan nak letak ape pun dalam oven saya kan? :-)

I have a receipe to share. But I don't think that you have to take note of this. Hihihihi. You'll know it by nature. :)

Huneybun Sugarpie

1 active spermatozoid
1 fresh ovum
All you need to do is to combine the ingredients in the best way you know and comfort. The mixture will need to be baked in a 98.6 degree farenheit inside the uterus for approximately 40 weeks. Depending on the baking condition because cupcakes maybe out earlier than expected. Tho this is a very slow and long baking process where you have to be extra careful on the earlier part, and getting the cupcakes out of the oven itself is painful, but I bet the result is well worth it. :)

So, this is what I'm currently into. Glad to say that I am one happy baker~! *Of course with the help of Kown. Kihkihkih~~

I decided not tell the husband straight away but to wait a little while. I called Him and went like so mengada-ngada wanted to eat my favourite Dome's meal. *I don't have to mention it here again kan? And it was Thursday night. Of course I can't hold the news to myself any longer, so I gave him the small box right after we placed the order.

And the Husband? "Yes!! Yes!! Yessss!!! Alhamdulillah...~!" *Macam kena loteri okeh.

The coming saturday, we went to see the doctor, and thus confirmed that I was around 6 weeks pregnant that time. YAY!

And I'm on my 10weeks now.

As for morning sickness, I am not sure when it will kick in or if I am lucky enough just like my mommy, probably I will not experience it at all. But certainly I feel nauseous at times, especially with the smell of Malay cuisine. *Kown kata, berkenan kat anak omputih Melben kot?

All my gratitude to the Almighty, for this bundle of joy, who will arrive in mid April next year. 20th April 2008 kot?. *And Kown's burfday is on 13th April and mine is on 16th April and my youngest brother is on 19th April. *Kown kata: tengok kaki laaa sapa yang proses. Baik punya skill kasi besday sederet. Boleh?


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