13+ weeks now

I've made it to 13 weeks last Monday. Yay! *Alhamdulillah... My last week of the first trimester. The baby has grown from being as small as a lentil bean at 6 weeks to about as long as a medium shrimp (that's what the babycenter said). And our little one crl is exactly 7 cm long now.

Okels, back to the 2nd check-up that I had yesterday. In Pantai Medical Center. Anyway, many thanks to all for the precious advices/opinions/experiences that you guys shared in here. I have decided to just stick with Pantai Medical Center. Should I need to undergo C-Sec, I will let the daddy Kown to think about the moneyyy. All I know now is to take good care of me and baby and eat healthily for the benefits of us.

The baby didn't move much. Well, I believed daddy's genes has already well formed in him/her: genetik kaki tidok. The doctor has to press my tummy harder in order to get a clear view of our little one because she said my bowel is full of gas. ker bladder? I can't remember now. Huhuhuhuhu.
We have yet to decide what to call our precious one in me, but for now we'll just stick to 'little one' or maybe 'MiniKosh'. Hihihi. And I have this instinct that I'm carrying a boy. Tah ape pasal. But I felt that. =P

Below pictures have nothing to do with my 13weeks pregnancy. It was taken during our last girls' night out last Friday. ;)


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