Shila and her first trimester :)

Random facts about my 1st trimester:

[1] I didn't throw up but I felt sick at times. Alhamdulillah syukur nikmat for this.

[2] I do feel dizzy or more like pounding head especially during noon, or when I have to stand in line for so long, or be in a crowded place like shopping malls and kenduri. Ehehe, that is already a self explain why I didn't do much shopping nowdays. But well, I believe in a matter of weeks everything will be back at its normal state, Year End Sale is just 2 months away. :)

[3] I will feel nausea if I imagine or see or even worst, smell any local styles or malay dishes. Mengadalah kan? But what can I do then? To imagine the food itself can cause a severe nausea so what's more to look over the rows of lauk pauk and to smell those.

[4] My daily meals have to be spicy, like really-really-spicy and salty in order for me to eat, otherwise I won't go for even a spoon.

[5] Minyak cap kapak or any sorts of minyak angin and asam2 is not remedies to my dizziness and nausea. Mentos berry it is. And mineral water. *I can't smell minyak cap kapak since forever. +P

[6] I have this new addition into my list of interests namely cooking. Well, I was never a kitchen type of person before except for the cupcakes baking thing lah. But I believe that my cooking skills are developing and improving better now.

[7] I can't zip my pants/jeans/kain baju kurung now. Furthest that it can go is half of the zip. Or else I will just wear those unzip and it fits me just well. Wohohohhoho~~ Seems like I am not in need of belly belt. +P *Syarat utama: baju harus lah labuh and loose, at least long enough to cover the unzip part. hihihihi.

[8] Eversince I didn't experience any throw-up, I still continue driving to office as usual. And running our errands as it was before. Paying the bills. Renewing insurance. Buying groceries. And etc. Shopping will be back in list very soon. ;)

[9] Kown has been busy lately and every so often came back late. I have to make myself owh-kay with it as I know that behind of his bz-ness, his baby business is growing and needs his full time commitment. *Well, of course I didn't do thing for nothing. I am now forecasting my future benefits from his profitable business: LV maybe? new car? revamp my whole wardrobes? bling2 ke? or maybe another overseas trip. Husband please read this. >:)

[10] Last but not least, saya-tidak-boleh-bau-suami-saya-lepas-dia-mandi. I can't smell the scent of his after shower at all. There was one time when he had to take his bath without any foam/soap because I seriously can't stand the smell and there was another time when he had to sleep on the floor because he was extremely wangi due to St. Ives body scrub & Loreal shampoo scents. Bad eyh? Due to that, we've been buying and trying few shower foams of different brands until we decided to settle on Simple body wash. 100% perfume free.

Basically, I can't smell anything nice. soap, shampoo, perfume on my husband. or I'll puke. *Tapi tak pernah lah. Loya sakan je.

Well, kindly enjoy below views.


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