Retail therapy does work

Owh no~! Not another bimbiotic post. Suke lah, blog ShilaShower kan?

I think it is. Well if you feel don't like it, kindly press the button X above.

Maybe I am too excited that I finally had a chance to go shopping yesterday. After the last wallet damages done in Melbourne, and that was err, 3, nope, but 4 months ago.

For the past two weeks, Hubby was away to several places; Kemaman, JB and Perlis *for God knows what the business that he's been doing. *So long its legal, and nothing to do with drugs, money laundering, pimp and those of illegal ones, I am fine. Because I'm a wife who didn't bother to know so long that I get my monthly allowance on time. Lesson one: Being married is great, it gives you another source of income when you are in need. Did I mentioned that my husband is on his way to plant rubber trees? Nak jadi tokey getah katanya. And the rubber plantation will be somewhere north up in Sik, ke Jeniang? ke Kodiang? Owh saya tatawu lagiii.

The fact that the he wasn't around during weekends, leaving me all sangap wondering what best to do when he's away, and the unbelievable reality that I didn't do any hari raya shopping this year, *which never happened before in my lifetime, I am 'bit' of hilang-pedoman.

I finally went out by myself yesterday. Owh not really. Went to Pavilion with Mama in the morning and had a lunch with cousin, Suraya before we head off back home. And then only I went out alone to One Utama to complete my unaccomplished mission that have been idle for quite sometime.

I have got nothing better to do.
I want to get something for myself for being a good wifey for the past few days.
My hands are itchy.
Gaji was already in by Thursday.
Nuffnang cheque was there on the table, waiting to be cashed-out.
And I have this strong inner believe that my body is fit for the long walk in mall.
*Dan dan tu lah semangat waja kan.

I'm dying to get a new pair of maternity jeans to add extra comfort to my baby bump which is about to show and to support my ever growing asset down there with extra fat on thighs area . So I went around trying on jeans and completely fell in love with Dorothy Perkins maternity over the bump jeans. In boot cut. I'm in size 12 now but to be on the safe side with the forecasted inches to be increased in few areas, I bought size 14.

Other than above, I managed to grab few items that were on sale with super-wonderful-like-owh-my-goodness price slashed. Looked what I have get for myself yesterday: DP maternity jeans (10% off), Principles petite casual trouser (50% off), two of F21 V-neck tunic and F21 baby doll top (absolute bargain items), Warehouse blouse (70% off), Crocs marry jane style, Mothercare maternity brief & massage cream and Jusco Scarlet's innerware. I think I am such a money saver. =) But no unneccessary spending from now till pay day. Maybe till next babymoon+shopping spree in December. Sighhhh~~

I am now declare myself bankrupt. Or rather not loaded enough for another shopping trip anytime soon. *I have to find my mixer. I need to start baking. Hihihi

To sum up most of my purchases, I took photos for better illustration. *Huarghh huarghh huarghh~!!

: : Mama saya & kazen saya : :

: : Hasil soul searching for yesterday : :

: : DP maternity over the bump jeans, 10% off : :
: : Principles Casual Trouser, 50% off : :

: : Warehouse blouse, 70% off! : :

: : F21 Absolute Bargain Items : :

: : Crocs Alice Slim Fitting Mary Jane : :


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