Hari Raya

Almost 13 weeks along, pants fit fine, but the tummy area is bursting. Stop, lets not talk about the body image for now.

Owh wonder where my cerita raya? Raya with in laws was great~! Give me 10 reasons why should it not be great when nearly 80 family members gathered together that morning. Ofkos la superb raya meriah gaban gitu. 80 persons on immediate family members. Tok nenek anak menantu cucu cicit. Sedara mara lain blakang kira.

And all I did for that whole 9 days in Alor Star was lazing around in front of tv. Bagus tak?

Anyway, malas citer pasal raya pasal saya LUPA amik gambar melintang berguling mushi dengan suami di pagi raya. Kerana LUPA. Menyampah. *But at least I am happy till now that I'm able to have my own "memakaikan-butang-baju-melayu-suami" and "membetulkan-sampin-suami" scenes di pagi raya. Hihihihihi. Selalu tengok kat cerekarama tv jaaa..

On a lighter note, I would love to tell the whole wide world that Kown suka masak-memasak. Frankly speaking, he didn't help me much in doing the house chores even I'm carrying his child now. So, I thought what more of hoping that he will help me in the kitchen kan? Definitely it was a surprise to see him menyebok giving his helping hands in the kitchen. Well, muntah darah la weyy kalau Miju, Nal, Veron and Adib baca. But well, below pictures proved it all.

We are going for babymooning tomorrow~! Weeehoooo. Hotel. Sandy beach. TV. Comfy duvet. Spa. Husband. Seafoods. *Exegerate a bit!. Bukan nak gi mana pun, hanya Cherating. Well, I deserve my babymoon now as my first trimester has ended and entering my second trimester now. *I believe Along and Wani mesti kata, hek elehh?? Cherating jeee? Bosan dah pegiiii zaman duluuuuu. Dulu I pun pegi gak, tapi takat berseloka di tepian pantai sambil bbq. Nak check-in kat hotel Cherating tu tak lepas lagi. Skarang??? Tiada masalah lagi...~! :)


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