Drum Rollsss~~Si Comel Ini Seorang......

Wah~! I never knew that you guys are good at looking on the sonogram pictures until you did it yesterday. Or is that my words that revealed it all?

For those who haven't got the news yet, it's official...we're having a BOY!

I know some people might want to wait until 5 months in order to re-confirm it, but what happened here is both us have seen it clearly. The doctor even mentioned and pointed it this way, "Can you see this? This one is the birdie, somekind like toing-toing neh, and these are the balls."

See See See? Boy lah kan?

Anak bapak lah nampaknya... *During that moment of truth, all I prayed in my heart was: "Tolong lah Ya Allah, please don't let this baby become a playboy and please don't let him pindah-pindah skolah for 4 times. Just like his daddy..." Huarghh huarghh huarghh~!!

But I have a problem now...

Tell me how to resist from not buying all the baby bodysuits that cost me only RM7 each. And its from Mothercare~! H&M~! Tell me la weyyyy....Contemplating between to buy or not to buy is just a hard thing to me, because I bet the stuff will no longer available for me to grab by the time I hit 6 months. Kan kan kan?? Somemore Luvable Friends is having a massive sale i.e. 5-pack long sleeves body suits for USD$5.99~?! And a baby bib with saying, "Creative GENIUS at Work", with teether at the corner of the bib, for only $2.99 okeh. *Well little man inside, your mommy is all excited to dress you up with all these cute outfits.

Ah, I don't care. That Paypal account is itching to be used...

Getting all the online searching done and filling my cart full, tadaaaaaa....!!!

Dear Shila,

Your order has been Shipped

Order details are as below :
Order Number: 182XX
DetailedInvoice: http://www.babymallonline.com/catalog/account_history_info.php?order_id=182XX
Date Ordered: 2008-11-11 19:15:57

Thanks,Baby Mall Online

I'm waiting for my FEDEX parcel to arrive next week~! Wheeeeee~!!

P/S: I have to sorok the HSBC account monthly statement immediately, before the husband finds out. =P


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