Hopefully everything is fine...

I'm having this uncomfortable feeling since last few weeks. Not wanting to take any risks, I decided to see the doctor.
She said everything seems fine and baby is developing well.
Except that my placenta is locating down the uterus instead of upward. Huwaaaa. Now is when I should be worried. Chances of getting placenta previa. And CSect. But again, being a doctor, she said there's nothing to be worried about. I am just to enter my 18 weeks and I still have more time to let the placenta moves up in my uterus.

Normally, during the 28 weeks check-up the doctor will reconfirm whether the placenta is really lying unusually low down the uterus, next to covering the cervix, and then only thing will be definite. Otherwise, getting to 28 weeks, I still have time to let the placenta adjust its position. *Owh please please move upward. Dear placenta, you should be up there in my uterus where you can get all the juicy fresh blood supply. I mean you placenta will end up farther from my cervix as my uterus expands.

And the doctor said, just take a rest and everything will be okay. *Now I'm praying for everything to be fine. Besides hoping my baby to have a healthy diet like please do not swallow everything that mommy eats as you're growing rapidly now. =P

Now I'm hungry. +P


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