My Instinct is Right

We had our 17th week check-up on last Tuesday and alhamdulillah the baby is doing great. And with that 3rd check-up, we are almost positive that we are having a dot dot dot!!! I know it may sound pretty early for this, but the moment I saw our little one on screen, I can already spot the genital sign of him/her. But of course I waited for my gynea to officially tell it to us. And the moment Dr Idora asked, "So you wanna know whether its a XX or XY?" Of course my quick answer is yes. Hihihihihi. *I believe on the image that I saw on screen, otherwise my gynae won't offer to tell us about it right? Tralalalalalala~~~

Baby was cooperating well especially when he began to make "hye mama hye ayah” look at us; at that point Dr. Idora froze the image on the sonogram screen to make out what looks like ‘little boy/girl’ part! Baby was in very perfect position, at least for Mama & Ayah to have a look. Still, we were careful not to mistake these for the umbilical cord, and after reversing a few frames on the sonogram machine we were able to rule that out. It is still early in the pregnancy to know 100% for sure but the doctor is pretty certain! So do I! And finally the heartbeat can be heard loudly and most of the body parts are more visible. Especially the tiny little toes. :)

Most importantly, our little one looks to be a healthy little baby dot dot dot. +P Tho when the doctor plotted the figures on baby's development chart, baby is slightly extra by few mm from the average length. Well, ketinggian run in the genes. :) And weighted at 164g as of yesterday, but BabyCenter said average wight should be around 3 1/2 ounces or approximately 100g, termontel kah my baby then? =P *Anak Bapakkkk~~

I can't explain nor put it into words for the feelings that I'm currently into. It is so beautiful to see our little one moving the hands and legs and especially to realize that everything happened in me. In my womb. I can't stop smiling for hours now. ;) I believe that all mommies that currently going through or have gone through this will agree on this beautiful feeling I currently have.

As for the appointment, Dr. Idora said baby was doing wonderful! The baby’s heart rate was in the mid 160’s this morning and doctor said the baby is doing great and developing perfectly! The doctor also informed me that very soon I should be able to feel the baby movements. And she prescribed me with my usual Pramilet.

So what do you think? +P We have yet to decide when to reveal it. :)

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