Budgeting. and Bump Update

Hubby has instructed me to prepare a list of baby necessities checklist. And of course I have to come with the budget plan also. Note: Because I requested some amount of RM from him for me to buy some stuff, mommy baby related stuff lah konon-kononnya.

And ended up he commanded asked me this, "Buat list. Dengan budget plan. Tulis situ budget request for baby. Nanti abang go through and will see how much RM that I need to release.."

I was like???

What daaaaa...?? *Abang, ini bukan Rimbun Kembara Sdn. Bhd. Why suddenly you came to me with this budget utilisation plan and whatnot neh? Aihhh, now it makes me more confuse who's the one with B.of Engineering & Electronics and B.of Accounting?

Mak stress lah giniii~~

Well, baby, of course Mama won't give up on Daddy. I will work my ass to come with what ever things he needed so long I get the money for me to splurge on you. Hihihihi. I'll make sure that Daddy gonna spend my budgeted amount on you.
*Hubby: Did ever said a word when you bought the golf set? Tadek kan? Tadek kannn. Kan?? Kan?? Kan??

You better approve this baby budget plan then, or I'll start nagging on your newly found hobby tonight. =P

I've downloaded few baby checklists from various websites and finally came out with our own list, which I think is better suit us. In term of money, priority, need, space & etc. And the whole thing in list, inclusive the big chunks from travel system, cupboard, baby cot, bedding coordinates, electrical breast pump, steriliser, sum up to one whopping figure which I never thought so. And I'm not sure if I can shed some amount from the list as everything is pricey nowdays.

Not forgetting one additional line down the list: Downpayment for New Car. Huarghh huarghh huarghh~~!!

I know there is a huge number of products on the market designed specifically for our little bundle of joy but to avoid total confusion and possible financial ruin when preparing for baby, I will shop around for the best values and choose our purchases wisely. *That's why I love December so much. It's all about Y.E.S. Year End Sale. I hope that I can stick to the budget without sacrificing our baby's safety and comfort. And of course I'll ensure that we are going to experience this new life more without a dark cloud of debt looming overhead.

P/S: Please make use of the existence FOS, Brands Outlet, BB Store and Reject Shop. You never know your luck until you found one. FOS has range of baby onesies and now offering it 3 pieces for RM24. (Most of it from Mothercare and Marks & Spencer). Brand Outlet has Carter's, GAP, Guess, Baby Patch and other few lines to offer and the stuff are great and worth buying
(not that koyak sana sini ke apa kan?)

And you know what Reject Shop has then? I just bought 2 sets of bodysuits, shortsleeves and long sleeves, from H&M, for only RM39 per pack. Wayyy cheaper than the whole pack in Mothercare. Everything is in perfect condition and the tag is there like it is; not being torn and etc. And I bought few other sleepsuits from Mothercare line, also in Reject Shop for only RM10 each. Or some of it 3 for RM19.90 (Note: Bukan koyak, or tag baju dah takda or whatnot, items exactly the same like one in Mothercare Outlet). Perfect. So perfect.

Okey, enough talk about baby budget. All I need to do now is to prepare for other strategies, especially the mushi-mushi ones, so that husband will approve baby's shopping budget plan. Hehehehe.

And talking about bump update...

I know that I'm slow in updating this 'ini-anak-saya-dalam-perot' but I do have a few of those to show the progress and obviously, I've put on more weight. A whopping 4, no, 5 kilos in a month! I know. Please don't say a word about it. =P

: : 6 Weeks : :

: : 7 Weeks : :

: : 9 Weeks : :

: : 10 Weeks : :

: : 13 Weeks : :

: : 14 Weeks : :

: : 15 Weeks : :

: : 16 Weeks : :

: : And finally, bump is showing. At 18 weeks now : :


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