Virus Attack~!

Sorry guys. This mommy-to-be is seriously busy with things now and left her with too little time to update this blog.

Hubby and I was down with fever. We both got attacked back to back but alhamdulillah, thank goodness for my antibody to still be able to protect the baby. Despite of my unstable body temperature which was around 38.5 to 39.5 degrees. Hot hot hit eyh?

But thing was even worst for husband.

Nyamok jahat datang menyerang that caused his platelet level to drop drastically. Which means: dengue. He was first referred to Hospital Selayang for treatment but he was not warded because they said, "platelet bawah 60 baru kita tahan"

Palaaaa hoooo lah kan? Platelet bawah 60 means denggi berdarah sudah. Means nak menuju ke nyawa-nyawa ikan ngok. But well, like everyone knows, beds are pretty limited in Hospital Selayang thus only critical cases will be warded.

For once, thank you Telekom Malaysia for giving me this wonderful insurance coverage, with no total limit. Blast okeh. I took the opportunity to utilise my PMCare and get my husband warded for 5 days in Pantai Medical Centre. Hihihihi~~ Free, guna je lah. Somemore, all covered kan.

Still, I have thing to complaint in here and eversince I privatised my blog now, I can kutuk-kaw-kaw my bosses in here. Harrrrghhhhhhh~!!!

The case was like this:
I got 5 days MC from my gynae due to viral fever and dangerously unstable body temperature. But what happened then was my manager called me while I was still on medical leave and asked me to get back to work. And that was on day 3 of my leave. Keji gileee~~ (Dia tak pernah pregnant, dia tatawu bagaimana risaunya menjaga baby dalam perot). But being someone that is too lazy to fight with this idiotic type of people, I forced myself to go to office the next day, and my boss? She pretended being nice asking me whether I am really owh-kay or nope. *I went in with my stripey shocking colored socks, with sweater and shawl, with that Cool Fever on my forehead~! Saja, menyebaiiiii~~ Maybe she just don't know how to read or to interpret my 5 days MC issued by Pantai Medical Centre. Stewwwpidddd.

But after all the bad hair days that we both went through for the past two weeks, I am finally back on my feet while husband is still progressing and recovering.


Despite all those things that happened, I still managed to catch up with the Year End Sale that currently going on. Hehehehehe. Saket tetap saket. Sale tetap sale. Shopping tetap shopping. =P Tell me now how not to shop when,

Pumpkin Patch is having its 50% sale; baby booties RM13, 2 pair bips RM13, baby hat RM8 and the best of all, two blankets for only RM26.

Osh Kosh baby shoes for RM59. Mothercare with its massive sale. Everything is on sale now.


: : Orang-orang saket : :

: : Ubat Kown banyak. Ubat Shila dua saja : :

: : Lepas baik demam, naik rashes and now sangat itchy-kaw-kaw. So, I have to do my blood test every two days just in case the dengue attacks me pulak. Tammmoooo : :

: : Baby, like it or nope, you gonna where this someday. Cupcakes bodysuit~! You'll become my official cupcakes model nanti. Hihihihi : :


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