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Guys, I need some advice and opinions on buying some baby stuff. First, I just don't know when is the perfect time to start buying baby essentials, especially the big and pricey items i.e stroller, baby cot, sterilliser and breastpump and second, it's sale now. I mean I can get basically everything at discount during this period but I will only hit my 6 months by end of December.

Will it be too early then if I were to buy things at the end of this year? At 6 months?

And we are caught now by this hot deals that mybbstore has to offer. Among those are:

Five B 4 in 1 Baby Cot for RM799. And the best part is, it comes with foam mattress, latex pillow with cover, Bumble Bee 4pcs crib set and Bumble Bee pillow and bolster set. So, with everything included it will only cost us that much as compared to normal 4 in 1 baby cot without the mattress and bedding coordinates. How meh?

Philips Avent Isis IQ Uno breastpump: RM495~! from its original price around RM695. Anyone here with experience using Avent electric breastpump? I've been doing comparison and a lot of readings regarding electric breastpumps and I think I will stick to my decision on buying Isis IQ Uno. But, extra real life experience on this pump will be an advantage to me. Care to share?

And other Avent feeding stuff is on 20% discount. BPA free issue? I couldn't think of it now. =P Anak guna botol pasar malam pon masuk je Uni. Hohohoho. And sterilizer? Do we really need it? Although we do have budget for this stuff, but I still need to know to what extend that mothers really use it? All I know, itu untuk bunuh kuman, ye la kan?

Last but not least, stroller. Peg Preggo Pliko P3. Should we buy the travel system or just the stroller without the baby carrier? And later buy the car seat? Do you think my baby will make full use of that baby carrier? And normally how long will it last, before you have to change it to bigger car seat?

Anyway, those are just among the value buy items that I could think of now. I still have few other stuff in list like Allerhand messenger bag (20% off), baby bouncer and etc. But these are less important items that I can put aside for now, except that discount part, which makes me contemplating between to buy or not to buy. =P But again, everything depends on the budget that soon to be released by father of the baby lah. Lama tauuu tunggu bajet neh. *Kena sabar sikit, gavernor of the house baru keluar hospital. Kuikuikuikui~~

Ideas and opinions, big or small, all are most welcome. :)

P/S: Off topic. Honda City baru nak keluar very soon. Kalau mak lambat bertindak, abeslah bapaknya buat perbelanjaan sendiri nanti.


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