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Anyone here has experience with Proton Persona?

I'm considering to buy another car, a bigger one as compared to my Kelisa, which I don't think can even fit in the baby stroller. Huhuhuhu~~

I know that most people would have to suggest me to go for Honda City (and new City will be launched very soon) or perhaps Vios. I've just submitted my loan application for Honda City last Friday (the current VTEC) but I changed my mind now to Proton Persona. Just today. Alalallaallalala~~

Just to know that Persona S.E will only cost me RM680 per month compared to Honda City at RM930 per month~! Well, I know it's Honda but that RM250 is quite a difference to me. At least it worth our son future education saving. Or my monthly allowance for my joli-joli-katak in malls. Hoohohohoho~~

I've been driving Kelisa for about 2 years plus now and considering it as a Malaysian manufactured car, I think I don't have any problem with it. So, that is why I don't mind giving a second thought to another Malaysian car and as in my case now; Proton Persona.

Some said, why not go for Vios J? Because that's the cheapest among VIOS but to me, it just like buying a piece of super-expensive-crap. It is just too basic, without airbag, manual side mirror, without rims and whatnot and you gotta to pay for the over price tag. Might as well, I buy that Persona and at least I will have almost everything where every driver dreams of. Kot?

All I want is a bigger car compared to Kelisa, with spacious boot and airbags. As for the "rat-bite" or "grrrr-grrrr" sound, I think that is acceptable because well, "kereta Malaysiaaa lah, where got perfect...".

Anyway, all I wanted to know here is Proton Persona a good buy? Considering the 1.6 with just 50k++, is it worth to go for it? Because as a family car, I'm seeing Persona is truly a value for money in its class. Ker tak langsong?


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